They Can Slobber Over Biden All They Want…Trump 2024

When Barrack Obama’s 2 terms were up we know he settled into D.C. He just couldn’t bring himself to leave the swamp. He is always lurking in the shadows.He pulled off spygate against Pres Trump. It didn’t take down Trump because 74 million plus supporters knew better. The Democrats tried 2 impeachments after that(getting desperate). Didn’t take down Trump either.The one sure way to defeat Trump? Corrupt the election.Now that they managed. They pulled off the coup and installed the worst candidate they could come up with,Biden,except for 1 thing.Biden is Obama’s perfect puppet and China’s best friend.

Twitter,Facebook and You Tube banned Trump for the Democrats.They’re joined at the hip.They’re hoping we’re stupid or blind but nobody is as stupid as the liberals on Twitter. They were even on Twitter the other day defending Marxism. The rest of us know why big tech banned Trump. The same reason they took down Parler. If it really was about what Trump was saying on Twitter,Facebook and You Tube what did that have to do with Parler? Pres Trump never joined Parler. The real reason big tech banned the President was to cut him off at the knees. [He was not violating their TOS]. They wanted to destroy his circle of influence.

Did they? I will be honest and admit it has made it more difficult for President Trump but he’s up to the fight and will find a way. Obama got to lurk in the shadows and Biden cheated his way into the White House. Obama never had the Deep State biting at his heals. They were on his side. He’s had big tech and the media on his side all along. They’re on Biden’s side too slobbering all over him. I will say this for Obama, at least he didn’t have dementia. When the media worshipped at his feet he was cognizant. The slobbering over Joe is ridiculous.

This is who they’re slobbering over.They cheated us for this?!!!

Biden brags how he gave Putin A List Of Critical Infrastructure That Should Be Off Limits To Cyber Attack

All of this would be hilarious but for one thing;it’s who they installed as the President, albeit illegitimate.

Joe wants to pass the buck and avoid the optics so he assigns VP Harris as the border czar. 1. she never visits the border to get a first hand look at the crisis 2. she goes to Guatemala and LIES saying they don’t want them come while at the same time leaving the border wide open and changing the definition of refugee. Refugee status now includes escaping high crime and domestic violence. This is our ‘border czar.’

Forget what they say, watch what they DO.

Neither Biden or Harris will go to the border. It’s their crisis. They created it and now they want to hide it. They know the media will certainly help them. I’d bet the farm their whole plan is to get them in here as quickly as possible and make sure they can vote in the next elections,2022 AND 2024.

Were these people corrupt enough to steal the 2020 election and install a man who is clearly mentally deficient? Is the media corrupt enough to gaslight the public into thinking Joe is a fantastic President?

On the bright side the Trump rallies are going to start soon. It’s time to campaign for 2022 and 2024 BOTH!!