Marxism is Trending on Twitter-and ppl are defending it

Trump did not divide Americans into any groups.

The Deep State is a term for the intel agencies using the power of the Federal government to engage in nefarious as well as illegal activity to achieve what they believe to be a just end.

The first hint of the Deep State is when Trump sent out this tweet:

the liberal media went ballistic

The Deep State has nothing at all to do with American citizens. Totally unrelated. It had everything to do with a cabal at the FBI,DOJ, State Dept, a former British spy named Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton at the very very top plus a host of actors plotting with them. If you don’t know about Spygate then you have no idea what the Deep State is.

Of course the Obama administration denied doing any such thing; later the whole plot [Spygate] would be unraveled.

Trump always called Americans who loved our country patriots. He always believed that love of our country was the glue that held ALL of us together.
Trump never once called for the overthrow of our government. I’m sorry,but that’s just plain ridiculous. He called for members of Congress to object to the certification of the electors from various states but that’s not unconstitutional.

The Democrats have done it several times themselves.

WTH IS white identity politics? I know exactly what Marxism is and it’s diabolical.

Marcus Johnson’s tweet is just one of many on Twitter defending Marxism. I’ll go through a few more of them tomorrow. I wish someone would tweet my response to Marcus. I can’t-am banned.