WHOAH, The Reader is Overwhelming!

After scouring the internet for the headlines of the week decided it was time to roll through my WP reader. The word is WHOAH. I’m overwhelmed with too many good articles on a variety of topics. The best way to handle this,cram all the reading in and ‘pressing’ [or reblogging] each one is by taking a break. Sounds crazy but a little breather for the day and coming back tonight to start, will take the overwhelmed feeling out of the picture and by Saturday morning will have all of it covered. Could i skip articles and shorten the list? Sure,but that would defeat the purpose of the blog wouldn’t it? I don’t ever want to do that. Every one of these articles is relevant to what is going on in the U.S. as of June 2021.

Meantime, maybe you could consider a pre-order for Mark Levin’s new work,American Marxism. Got mine in. i get no compensation for promoting the Levin book other than the satisfaction of knowing he can stay and hopefully climb up the best seller list, you get a read that i think is absolutely critical and we all get a good book for summer reading. You’ll also get close to a 40% discount on a FIRST EDITION copy on July 13. I see American Marxism,the book,as another weapon in our arsenal [FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING*]against the radical Marxist left installed in our government and permeating our culture.

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Source: American Marxism (Hardcover) – Walmart.com – Walmart.com

book arriving soon!!!

*you have to say that these days or the left loses their marbles. They don’t get it’s just a figure of speech or some screwball thinks you’re telegraphing messages. It’s a book people.

only in 2021