Donald J. Trump is my choice & i’m sticking with him.(yes, there are rising stars,great governors) 2022 FIRST

Be sure to read all the coverage of the 2020 audits and POSSIBLE upcoming audits as well as breaking news re the 2020 election. Please share all.

Let’s suppose that Trump was right again and the election was stolen. Let’s suppose that is proven to be true. Then what? i don’t believe there is any constitutional means to rectify it. It could boil down to Trump won, Biden was installed, there is no remedy to the 2020 election. IMHO i think that is where we have been since the night of the election. We KNEW something didn’t pass the smell test. They cheated right in front of our eyes.

If anyone is aware of a remedy please let me know. It has be feasible [another words, do able] and constitutional.

That said, until and unless we can come up with this remedy we have a 2nd option. Our having the duly elected legit President in office IS the best,most ideal but we can go for option 2. First we have to get our elections on the up and up. If we don’t do that they’ll keep cheating and we won’t win any elections anyway. Once that’s done we MUST get as many MAGA candidates as possible then take over the House and Senate in 2022.

I’m not saying forget 2024. I’m voting Trump come hell or high water so that question is off the table for me. i can focus on 2022.Trump wants to focus on 2022 because he gets it too and does plan to run in 2024.We have to kick Pelosi to the curb and she can take Schumer with her. How do i know Trump will run?

He’s said so several times. He hasn’t made a formal announcement yet but he will after the 2022 elections. From the horses mouth. If you’re not sure where/when he said it let me know. I’ll be glad to take the time to dig it all up and post it,k?

Now we do have some rising stars and great governors in the Republican party. Ron De Santis is probably the first name that comes to mind. Yes,he is an awesome governor but the office of governor compared to office of President is a cake walk. We also have to remember when Trump left office they-big tech-cut him off at the knees. It wasn’t JUST to cut off free speech ;it did that of course. The main goal of banning him darned near everywhere was to cut off the clout he had in office.

They knew what cutting off his means of communication would do to his influence and size him down before 2024.The goal wasn’t just to attack free speech. It was mainly to have him fade into the background. There were other reasons too but for sake of the topic here will save the other reasons for a future post.

Ron DeSantis would be a good VP choice but i think running as President this time is a huge mistake. For us, for him and for the party. I honestly DON’T want to vote for him as President.

i do think the GOP ESTABLISHMENT would wrap its arms around DeSantis just to get rid of Trump but 1. that’s not a good sign 2. I won’t let them do that. Add a third and fourth: 3. Trump earned the term he was cheated out of and i’m determined to set that right. 4. Trump was a great President. He had some huge accomplishments. He did what he said he would do.

He had some mistakes but ANY President has a few strikes before they leave office. I can’t believe he accomplished what he did given the array of forces against him,even in his own party.

DeSantis has a cooperative legislature, he has 1 state to answer to and isn’t under the scrutiny President Trump was.It all makes a HUGE difference.Trump did say he would look at DeSantis for VP; hint folks. Trump is running.

Trump had a HOSTILE legislature, 50 states to answer to and the Deep State up his caboose-meaning the full power of the federal government in the FBI,DOJ,State Dept and DOD working against him. They didn’t just steal an election;they pulled off a coup they had been planning for a long time.

DeSantis for all the fantastic moves he’s made-credit where credit is due- has to deal with none of that. He can prove himself as Trump’s VP and run in 28 but Trump deserves the election they robbed him of-that they robbed US of.

The traitors that pulled this off should NEVER be given the satisfaction. I’m NOT criticizing DeSantis. i hope no one takes it that way. He’s fantastic. One of our best governors. Yes, he might be a great candidate in 28 or later.

I write opinion here and you’re free to take it,leave it or just think it over and consider it,k? The title is Trump: The American Years and the blog url is America First.

The leanings here should be no surprise. i’m not supporting anyone else for President. He’s earned it. He proved to me over and over that he was the right choice and is STILL the right choice. He won a 2nd term and he’s going to get the 2nd term.

DeSantis has the clout of office and the ability to make noise, particularly in the absence of Trump having the bull horn he once had. All DeSantis has to do is make the news. He can make those moves as governor.

It’s true of any election. It’s the advantage an incumbent President or office holder always has, so big tech cutting off Trump takes a dent out of Trump.Maybe a small dent but a dent nonetheless.

Let’s be honest. Trump is the strongest candidate we have. They know that. He’s a 200 lb gorilla even when he’s not in the room. He knew how to use social media. People whined about his Twitter use all the time. It was some people’s biggest complaint about him. They kept saying he should stop.

Yeah,well he stopped but not by choice. Now where are we? Nope people-his Twitter use and use of social media in general was his biggest asset. Now he has to find other means to communicate, make noise and troll the left. When he wanted to get people talking there it was. Twitter. All he had to do.

Meantime we have to win in 2022. If we can’t pull that off 22,then 24 hardly matters. Trump knows that. If we can take the House and Senate with MAGA candidates; FOR REAL MAGA candidates the rest will be smooth sailing.

If we don’t, good luck in 24. That’s why he’s waiting till AFTER the 22 elections to make his formal announcement. i know we all want to hear it now but he can’t right now anyway.

It’s too soon and that may mean legally as well as practically.

Keep the left guessing too and it throws them off THEIR game. If he doesn’t keep them guessing, you know very well they’ll spend their capital running against him. Let them run against other MAGA candidates instead and keep it local.

Besides i’ve heard him say he will run in 2024 over and over. He’s said it in several different ways. The media hasn’t pounced yet. Trump is smart. He’s giving himself plausible deniability and they know it.

Besides if we know we have to win back the House and Senate in 2022;they know they have to keep it and they’re looking a lot harder at 22 than 24 themselves.

i’d go one step further; they’re trying their best to set up the cheat again for 22 AND 24. We have to make sure our state legislators do their best to expand the vote and suppress the fraud. We have enough of a battle on our hands right now.

Truth; if they cheat and win in 22 like they did in 20,they can cheat again in 24 and that’s 4 more years of Biden,Pelosi,Schumer and the squad with consolidated power. Now you see why Trump is focused on 22.

This is exactly why we have to be focused on 22 and if you’re with me we’re already set on our Presidential candidate for 24. We don’t have to worry about that.Done deal.The primary will be out of the way.

Did some digging. It has happened before with a Democrat President. The only time in our history it has ever happened. Interesting stuff.

Trump’s serving a 2nd term non consecutively would be the 2nd time in history it has ever happened. Note i wrote serving. We know he won.

Gov DeSantis is definitely a rising star in the Republican party but let’s not lose sight of some of the other fantastic leaders in the party. The LT Governor of N Carolina, Mark Robinson, is one such leader. Take notice. I wish every Republican had this man’s passion and commitment.