Biden needs to resign A.S.A.P.

agree 100% chances of happening? probably zero to none

America is a Republic!

The DNC, Jill Biden, and Joe Biden conspired to remove Trump and install Joe while hiding the fact he is drifting off into senility. They have defrauded the American People and now that Joe has had his Magical Mystery Tour as “El Presidente” he must resign immediately under the basis that he is not competent mentally and physically to perform. Congress needs to call for and the Secret Service provide a thorough examination of Biden’s faculties.

The Biden Debacle causes concern over who is behind the props, the setups, the earbud and teleprompter last ditch saves after vacant stares and mumbling. It seems to be Jill always whisking Joe away while under one of his “adventures” or in danger of a reporter question ATTACK! Is she really President? What becomes of VP Harris? Who writes his entire schtick?

This latest G7 trip is an utter humiliation at the hands of…

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