BILL O’REILLY: Backlash Against Joe Biden Is Building (VIDEO)

they helped him steal the election and now they’re crying?

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Source:Mike LaChance

In a recent monologue, Bill O’Reilly suggested that backlash is building for Joe Biden and his administration.

O’Reilly describes going to a hockey game and being approached by numerous fans who are deeply concerned about the direction of the country.

He says that if the economy continues on its current trajectory, people are going to turn on Biden swiftly.

Here’s a partial transcript:

There is a backlash coming against president Biden and his administration. I wrote a message of today, I’m going to read it to you shortly but this is absolutely true.

I was at the Long Island Coliseum last night for the Islander Bruins game. Islanders won but congratulations to Bruins they put on a great uh run in the playoffs, but I was there and I didn’t sit in a private box. I was out with the folks, and everybody is – what’s going…

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