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To be clear i am not a member of any militia or right wing group. I’m not the member of ANY group.i have no criminal background. My daily routine consists of housekeeping, taking care of my husband who has serious health issues and reading various news articles then writing these blog entries. i have no issues with our neighbors,i do not care what race you are and i make a point of respecting other people except for persons whose political leanings are different than mine.i simply stay away from them. We have nothing in common.i believe most Americans-of all races-want to get along and form friendships if they find common ground. They want to go to work and take care of their families. They’re not racist at all. There are some whites and some blacks who are bigoted, no doubt, but MOST people are not or at least make a real effort not to be. I do not know any white or black supremacists. Angry white people and angry black people make the news. The average Joe and Jane don’t have time for the crap that angry people are involved in. It’s not the plane that reaches its destination that makes the news, it’s the one that doesn’t. Now that i’ve made all that clear here’s my use of free speech to say what i know to be true.

The Democrats stole the election for their candidate Joe Biden-a man with obvious mental decline, possibly dementia. I’m not a doctor so that’s an educated guess but there’s definitely mental decline whatever is causing it. They cheated us for this?! Know what i’m hoping for? Our military removing these tyrants and cheats. We know they’re corrupt. They wouldn’t cheat? They’re corrupt enough to do almost anything including cheat. They cheated for a man incapable of fulfilling the duties of the office of President. A man who has sold out his country and is so mentally deficient he is a security risk. A risk to all Americans. He should be removed. The corrupt need charged. The FBI needs one good housecleaning. If only we just had some whistleblowers that were courageous enough to stand up against the corruption. I’m sure they can see it as much as the general public can. Maybe the left doesn’t care. They won’t like it when we become Venezeula and nobody is free to speak their minds or oppose our government on ANY policy. Yep,i believe our military has every right to remove the Marxists and protect us from our domestic enemies in the Biden administration. The media is propaganda. We are not going to get the truth from our media. They’re too busy providing cover for Biden and slobbering all over him.

Short of a military take over the best we can do is push back and vote them out asap.