Dear FBI. You May Want to Speak Up

there was a time when i suggested to my own son to consider applying at the FBI. I thought very highly of the FBI at that time and he had some qualities that i thought would make it likely he’d get hired. Since the blog is public am going to keep his details private and they’re not necessarily relevant to the topic here.

The point is, i thought so highly of the FBI i wanted to recommend it as a possible career choice. Now? Nope, not happening.

BTW, I’m white. i know a lot of white people. They’re hard to avoid. NONE of these people are white supremacists. Some of them don’t even care about politics, some of them voted for Obama and some of them voted for the Republican candidates. My parents were Democrats their whole life. I was a Democrat for part of my life. i didn’t vote for Obama but didn’t think i had to. i did support Herman Cain(a great loss)and voted for him in our primary. Who my white friends voted for is their business. If they didn’t vote at all or voted for Obama, that’s their business. They’re allowed and when they cast their vote it’s private. They don’t have to tell anyone if they don’t want to.

White Supremacists? Try the KKK. Happen to know the history of the KKK? 1. founded by the Democrat party 2. hated blacks, Catholics and whites who opposed their treatment of blacks. 3. i’m not saying the KKK doesn’t exist anymore but my guess is they’re a pretty small group and for the most part they’re not welcome anywhere that i can see.

I’m not saying white supremacists don’t exist outside the KKK but i don’t personally know any or met any through my whole lifetime and i’m willing to bet the farm the majority of Americans-black or white-could say the same thing. i can tell you that i know of islamic terrorists because 9/11 was a terrible attack on our country that took 3 thousands lives and race didn’t matter. I know about the Ft Hood massacre because it was another terrible attack on our own people. I also know that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and has killed our soldiers overseas. We all know about these attacks because they made the news. That’s just a handful of attacks; we could look at the murder and mayhem Islamic terrorists have inflicted on the world all day long.

So our FBI is going to use assets, money, man power and time on white supremacists when we ALL face very serious threats and YOUR main identifying factors are going to be 1. white skin 2. opposition to the Biden administration.

That sounds like a recipe for political targeting to me and my question is this; what happens if the Republicans gain control of Congress and the White House? The Democrats are going to go for this? What happens if we have another Islamic attack? What happens if Iran gets a nuclear weapon or Kim Jung Un goes totally off the deep end or the CCP becomes even more hostile and aggressive? What happens if there is a lone wolf out there planning a domestic attack on our citizens? So you’re going to spend your time, effort and assets going after political opponents of Biden?  How well is Biden going to do if we do get attacked and it has nothing to do with ‘white supremacy’.

Let me remind you that it was the FBI that was involved in Spygate. I understand it was the corrupt higher ups involved in it,but i also noticed that the corrupt higher ups got away with it. Not one of the people involved were held accountable. Now, your average American has to ask, why? Trust me, we know if we broke the law the situation we’d be in.

The other problem i have, besides not knowing any white supremacists, is that i know very well if the actual white supremacists that probably do exist actually organized an attack on minorities they wouldn’t get but one attack. I’m also sure most people-the majority of people in America- aren’t the least bit interested in joining such a group.

On the other hand Islamic terrorists are a large group. We know what they’re capable of because we’ve seen what they can do. Furthermore, they don’t much care what race you are. We know they’re supported by certain Islamic states, well funded and very organized. We have other enemies too who happen to have nuclear weapons.

We don’t even have to look that far. How about Antifa and BLM? They’re hiding in plain sight. We know what they can do because we’ve seen it. They’re well organized. We know they’re well funded and we know they’ve gotten away with plenty. It’s fairly well known that they have an agenda and that agenda is to take down our government and established institutions. That’s known as an insurrection. They are dangerous and destructive both to law enforcement and innocent citizens-even bystanders. So you’re making ‘white supremacists’ your no 1 priority? i’m not saying they should not be a priority but we’re not seeing a bunch of these unidentified whites running around going after minorities. The only way you can identify them is by their skin color? That could be anyone and that’s flat our crazy.

Excuse me? Not every black is a card carrying member of BLM. Not every liberal is signing up for Antifa. Not every white person who opposes Biden is a supremacist. BTW. Ask the old demented fool about his support of segregation and actual dyed in the wool racists when he was in the Senate.

You’re the FBI. i’m your average American and i could see that the incident on Jan 6 was a riot-not an insurrection. A one day insurrection with a group of unarmed people? Why is the information re the incident the best kept secret in DC?

Let me be honest here and i’m not speaking just for myself when i say this either; The FBI has lost all credibility. The FBI has lost the respect of the American ppl. The folks no longer trust any of you and that’s a shame. i didn’t think i’d live to see the day our FBI and DOJ were as corrupt and criminal as the criminals they investigate. Take a poll. If i’m wrong i’ll be glad to eat crow.

When are you people going to clean up your act and stand up to the Biden administration? We’re waiting.

Death Metal. Too clueless, naive or gullible to realize they are capable

Does he know about Spygate? Probably not.

Attack Tucker. Don’t bother to see if he might knowing something you don’t and is exposing the truth. Do some research. Look closer.

Jacobs goes off topic and brings up vaccines. She ‘forgets’ that Pres Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed to make sure vaccines were developed as quickly as possible. She deliberately omitted the fact.

BILL O’REILLY: Backlash Against Joe Biden Is Building (VIDEO)

they helped him steal the election and now they’re crying?

Nwo Report

Source:Mike LaChance

In a recent monologue, Bill O’Reilly suggested that backlash is building for Joe Biden and his administration.

O’Reilly describes going to a hockey game and being approached by numerous fans who are deeply concerned about the direction of the country.

He says that if the economy continues on its current trajectory, people are going to turn on Biden swiftly.

Here’s a partial transcript:

There is a backlash coming against president Biden and his administration. I wrote a message of today, I’m going to read it to you shortly but this is absolutely true.

I was at the Long Island Coliseum last night for the Islander Bruins game. Islanders won but congratulations to Bruins they put on a great uh run in the playoffs, but I was there and I didn’t sit in a private box. I was out with the folks, and everybody is – what’s going…

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(1059) Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/15/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS June 15,21 – YouTube

To be clear i am not a member of any militia or right wing group. I’m not the member of ANY group.i have no criminal background. My daily routine consists of housekeeping, taking care of my husband who has serious health issues and reading various news articles then writing these blog entries. i have no issues with our neighbors,i do not care what race you are and i make a point of respecting other people except for persons whose political leanings are different than mine.i simply stay away from them. We have nothing in common.i believe most Americans-of all races-want to get along and form friendships if they find common ground. They want to go to work and take care of their families. They’re not racist at all. There are some whites and some blacks who are bigoted, no doubt, but MOST people are not or at least make a real effort not to be. I do not know any white or black supremacists. Angry white people and angry black people make the news. The average Joe and Jane don’t have time for the crap that angry people are involved in. It’s not the plane that reaches its destination that makes the news, it’s the one that doesn’t. Now that i’ve made all that clear here’s my use of free speech to say what i know to be true.

The Democrats stole the election for their candidate Joe Biden-a man with obvious mental decline, possibly dementia. I’m not a doctor so that’s an educated guess but there’s definitely mental decline whatever is causing it. They cheated us for this?! Know what i’m hoping for? Our military removing these tyrants and cheats. We know they’re corrupt. They wouldn’t cheat? They’re corrupt enough to do almost anything including cheat. They cheated for a man incapable of fulfilling the duties of the office of President. A man who has sold out his country and is so mentally deficient he is a security risk. A risk to all Americans. He should be removed. The corrupt need charged. The FBI needs one good housecleaning. If only we just had some whistleblowers that were courageous enough to stand up against the corruption. I’m sure they can see it as much as the general public can. Maybe the left doesn’t care. They won’t like it when we become Venezeula and nobody is free to speak their minds or oppose our government on ANY policy. Yep,i believe our military has every right to remove the Marxists and protect us from our domestic enemies in the Biden administration. The media is propaganda. We are not going to get the truth from our media. They’re too busy providing cover for Biden and slobbering all over him.

Short of a military take over the best we can do is push back and vote them out asap.

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