[VIDEO] Foreign Press Mocks CNN and US Media For Gushing Over Biden’s Horrid G7 Performance

Our media has really reached new levels of ridiculousness with their coverage of Biden’s performance at the G7 Summit. According to them, Biden has had one of the most successful appearances in history, when in reality he’s been making some of his most epic slip-ups to date. 

Source: [VIDEO] Foreign Press Mocks CNN and US Media For Gushing Over Biden’s Horrid G7 Performance

Anyone Tried the Comment Line at the White House?

The first time i got the switchboard the rep said they weren’t staffed because it’s voluntary(that is,they didn’t have any volunteers) and they hadn’t been in office that long.Ok,i took their word for it, waited and here it is June. This time the automated system directed me to go to the comment section ONLINE. So,i thought what the heck-i’ll call the switchboard again and ask when the comment line would be open. He hung up the phone on me.

Bottom line people:they don’t want to hear from you. It’s Biden. Suppose he’ll get a pass,right?


BCP is entitled to his opinion. Most of the time i agree with him but on this point i have to disagree. Trump was pretty tough on China,short of starting WWIII. Also disagree re Israel. They are our closest and most trusted ally in the Middle East. They are a buffer between our country and the terrorist countries in that area,notably Iran.We also promised them never again. We have to keep our word. Mark Levin has some insight into the election in Israel. Give him a listen. They STOLE the election from Netanyahu. This is a great loss for the Israeli people and the United States.

YES,I did vote for Trump in 2016 as well as 2020. It should be obvious.