(976) Nickelodeon CAUGHT Using Pride Month To Indoctrinate OUR KIDS – YouTube

We have a lot to take pride in,indoctrinating children with perverse behaviors isn’t one of them.Speak up,drop Nickelodeon and any company associated with Nickelodeon. Demand age appropriate programming. This is along the lines of sex education in schools, where it has no place.Seriously,when did sex ed become part of a school’s curriculum?  It’s stunning to me they have the nerve to think you’re willing to put up with it.
The left has gotten away with too much, for too long.They think they control the narrative. The problem is just believing something is true and should be tolerated has nothing to do with reality. We live in the real world where the garbage they shove down our throats and now our kids throats is damaging to children. They have no right to indoctrinate your children. NONE. Children are falling behind in things they should be learning. They’re not getting the education they deserve and you, as a parent, can demand. Drop Nickelodeon. Hit em where it matters-their profits.

Officer Tatum is right. It’s evil. You’re trying to raise decent human beings and have them get a good education. It used to be understood. Now you’re going to have to demand it. If it’s perverse, say it’s perverse. There is such a word and it can be applied. You should never be afraid to speak up and if it’s your kids you have a right to stand up for them. They have no business taking away parental rights. Your children have a right to grow up in a safe and wholesome environment where YOU are in charge of their education and passing down YOUR values. It’s going to be a tough battle. They’ve gotten away with it for too long, but here is a good place to throw down the gauntlet. It’s your home, it’s your programming, it’s your television and above all else it’s your children. The same goes for your children’s education. It’s your tax dollars, it’s your school (not theirs)and above all else it’s your children. They’re not wards of the state.