Twitter: Hades Online

i was banned from Twitter and Facebook both. doesn’t matter. Portia( a dear friend)and i were getting ready to delete our accounts anyway. The imbeciles are still trending the same old garbage every day. it’s an echo chamber for liberals. Why prop it up? if we leave they will eventually end up talking to themselves. Jack Dorsey is a whack job. A rich whack job but a whack job nonetheless. Why help him out?

America is a Republic!

Of all the social media out there, Twitter is in my mind the strangest of them all. Facebook makes sense, you have friends and family linked, photo albums, comments…used properly and sparingly, it is a decent app. Instagram is a phone camera picture publishing page and it’s easy to use, straightforward. Youtube and it’s video creation/content publishing is easy to explain. Each of these sites/apps serve a purpose and are worthwhile to some degree. Then there is Twitter!

Twitter is unlike any other media platform. It is limited to short notices, blurbs, insults, comments, links, and photos, a message board plus video posting. It is not easy to understand where the concept comes from…is it brilliant or dumb, with some value or devoid of usefulness? Why would anyone want that level of connectivity with others…and why the short form? There is a certain mocking genius behind it’s creation. Twitter seems…

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