I’m voting for only 1 candidate in 2024-that’s President Trump

As soon as i see the establishment start to coalesce around a current political figure,other than Trump,the antenna go up. They are not going to come out making waves in the public now. It’s too soon. It’s the reason Trump is dropping hints short of a formal announcement. There may be legal reasons as well as practical reasons Trump will not make a formal announcement now.He has as much said he IS going to run-you have to read between the lines although he’s come as close as he can possibly get to saying it. He is going to see how the 2022 elections go first and that’s a smart move.Meanwhile, i’ve caught certain,shall we say,stirrings here and there in the GOP establishment. They’re not the public names you hear in the news. They’re smaller more local party officials with connections. You have to separate the GOP from the average voter. They are not one and the same and they hardly walk in the same circles. The minute i catch this establishment talking among themselves about a candidate i know to watch out for that candidate and question whether i could support that person or not. I’m sticking with Trump. I don’t have to question whether i could support him or not. If the GOP starts promoting a candidate of their choice it’s a red flag.We’ve been down that road before.

I’ve sat out maybe 1 election since i turned 18. If they don’t have Trump as the nominee this will be the 2nd time. i even plugged my nose and voted for McCain and Romney believing it was the right thing to do. I will not do that again.

For now the blog is going to focus solely on Pres. Trump, the audits(very important), the failed policies of Joe Biden, the Marxists infiltrating our schools, culture and government and the corruption of our formerly valued institutions. Period. When it gets closer to 2022 and the Congressional elections i will be highlighting great Congressional candidates who support the MAGA agenda and supporting the boot for any backstabbers.

When that moment comes and President Trump makes THE announcement the battle is on. The blog will be having a TOTAL theme makeover at that time and a slightly different topic shift.