I’m voting for only 1 candidate in 2024-that’s President Trump

As soon as i see the establishment start to coalesce around a current political figure,other than Trump,the antenna go up. They are not going to come out making waves in the public now. It’s too soon. It’s the reason Trump is dropping hints short of a formal announcement. There may be legal reasons as well as practical reasons Trump will not make a formal announcement now.He has as much said he IS going to run-you have to read between the lines although he’s come as close as he can possibly get to saying it. He is going to see how the 2022 elections go first and that’s a smart move.Meanwhile, i’ve caught certain,shall we say,stirrings here and there in the GOP establishment. They’re not the public names you hear in the news. They’re smaller more local party officials with connections. You have to separate the GOP from the average voter. They are not one and the same and they hardly walk in the same circles. The minute i catch this establishment talking among themselves about a candidate i know to watch out for that candidate and question whether i could support that person or not. I’m sticking with Trump. I don’t have to question whether i could support him or not. If the GOP starts promoting a candidate of their choice it’s a red flag.We’ve been down that road before.

I’ve sat out maybe 1 election since i turned 18. If they don’t have Trump as the nominee this will be the 2nd time. i even plugged my nose and voted for McCain and Romney believing it was the right thing to do. I will not do that again.

For now the blog is going to focus solely on Pres. Trump, the audits(very important), the failed policies of Joe Biden, the Marxists infiltrating our schools, culture and government and the corruption of our formerly valued institutions. Period. When it gets closer to 2022 and the Congressional elections i will be highlighting great Congressional candidates who support the MAGA agenda and supporting the boot for any backstabbers.

When that moment comes and President Trump makes THE announcement the battle is on. The blog will be having a TOTAL theme makeover at that time and a slightly different topic shift.

Biden got 81 million votes TOTAL,more votes from the black community than Obama Did but Never Really Campaigned(how stupid are you to believe that)?

And guess what you are not allowed to talk about?

Seriously,think about this,the President of the United States was BANNED from Twitter,Facebook and You Tube for questioning the 2020 election and claiming it was stolen. Yet,for 4 yrs the intel community,FBI,Congress, the FISA court and various actors including a former British spy Christopher Steele pushed an out and out lie about Russian interference and collusion with Trump. ALL of the media was promoting this lie. Twitter,Facebook and You Tube were promoting this lie.They as much as accused Trump of being a Russian agent, a stooge of Putin KNOWING it was a lie and he gets banned for questioning the 2020 election?

IF you’re just moving along like nothing happened or thinking we have to accept the results, what do you think these people will do next?

Obama/Biden were spying on the Trump campaign and his presidency. Were they banned from Twitter, Facebook and You Tube? Hillary paid money for the fake dossier. She got away with it. The people in the intel communities got away with it. ALL the actors involved in an the attempted coup-you know, removing a sitting President illegally-got away with it. They weren’t even indicted for crimes or arrested. The crimes? Try spying on an American citizen, leaking classified info to the press, lying to a FISA court; outright trying to remove a sitting & legitimately elected President from office.

Were they banned?

The night of the election Nov 3 the last report i saw was Pres Trump leading by a huge margin in 4-5 critical states. States that he needed to win to get the 270 electoral votes. I was sure he’d won. All of a sudden the vote count stops in ALL those states. There was a problem. Georgia had a particular problem according to the media. Something about a water leak or break and they just couldn’t finish. It turned out not to be true; but that aside what about the other states?

The next thing we knew Biden managed to get the votes he needed to overcome the wide margin of victory Trump had that night. i’d never seen an election like this. You? It just didn’t seem right when those last 4-5 states weren’t coming in. We’d heard about all the shenanigans before election day.It wasn’t good. The point is, you can’t blame anyone for questioning the results.

Let’s take a closer look then. Biden got more black votes than Obama did? Biden never really campaigned and when he did could hardly draw a crowd. His staff kept putting a lid on his campaign darned near every time he was supposed to be out somewhere.This man got 81 million votes and more of the black vote than Obama? You have to be pretty darned stupid to buy that.

Remember too these were the same people who spied on candidate and President Trump & his associates. The same people who set up General Flynn. The same people who set up George Papadopolous.The same people who were willing to lie to the FISA court (a felony). The same people who used a fake dossier, pushed a story for 4 yrs they KNEW was a lie and actually had the cajones to set up an investigation with Mueller knowing it was ALL a lie.

Anyone willing to tell me these paragons of virtue wouldn’t be willing to cheat to keep Trump from getting re-elected?

Now why not just let Trump make a fool of himself claiming the election was stolen. If it wasn’t true why worry about it? Nope. They BANNED him and they censored, banned and harassed anyone who agreed with him. They’d even go after you for asking legit questions.

They’re already having a hissy about the Maricopa audit. Biden is sicking his attorney general on the audit which tells me they’re worried it’s legit. They know what the deal was on Nov 3rd.They thought they had the cheat all wrapped up with a ribbon on it until they got caught off guard & went into a panic when they saw Trump won in a landslide. It was a bigger margin than they had anticipated. They had a lot more votes to make up for Biden than they thought they would have to. Bingo-no election results in those critical states on election night.

Check this out:


Wisconsin Nov 3,2020

I’d bet the farm on it. All you have to do is consider how low they would stoop to get rid of him in his first term, look at what happened on election night and watch how they reacted when he made the accusation. The 6 states in question are: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.

I’ll clarify, they refers to the Democrats,the media and the Deep State. You can also count in the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Love that uniparty.

Here’s the clincher. On Jan 6 Trump held a rally in DC. Huge crowd, as always.

He asked the folks to march down to the Capitol Building PEACEFULLY. Clear as a bell,no ambiguity. i watched that rally and heard every word. He never once came close to ‘inciting violence.” If the whole crowd at the rally was going to protest they could have taken over the whole of DC.The size of the crowd that broke into the Capitol Building in comparison to the size of the crowd at the rally was miniscule. Overall it was a peaceful crowd at the rally, like all of his rallys. There was no communication between Trump and his base about the rally that even hinted at violence or a riot-let alone an insurrection.

i really think the intent for that rally, based on the date and timing, was to show Congress he had the support of the people and encourage them to object to certifying the election results, particularly Pence, who had the final say in it all.

The communication from the President didn’t add up to violence, a riot or insurrection. The people who broke into the building were a relatively small group who made up their own minds to do it. To me it looked more like mob rule than a planned event. It’s how riots generally start. You get a group of ppl who get stirred up and it only takes a few to get it rolling. It’s what it looked like to me but 1. i wasn’t there. 2. have no idea what the people who were there were thinking. It could have been planned for all i know. I have seen video where some of the people were trying to keep the crowd calm and peaceful. They really just wanted to make a statement with a peaceful protest. It’s the only video i’ve seen of the crowd inside the building that was taken in real time. Looked to me like those folks weren’t looking for trouble.

Now the media, the Democrats and the Deep State are at it again claiming it was an insurrection and Trump was the one who incited it. These ppl have done nothing but lie for years. You take the people involved with the Russia Hoax & a bogus impeachment who even considered trying to use the 25th amendment and expect me to believe them saying it was an insurrection w/ Trump in charge? Nope.Not for a second. The same people-the media,the Democrats and the Deep State-watched Antifa/BLM riot, vandalize, commit arson,attack Federal Buildings, police officers and Secret Service detail, assault citizens and burn down cities for at least a year and called them peaceful protestors. Biden and Harris were using funds to pay their bail. The whole purpose of BLM/Antifa is to take down the legitimate government of the United States and the last time i checked that is an insurrection. They got away with it. They’re still getting away with it in the Portland Oregon area, although i think Mayor Ted Wheeler is finally trying to put his foot down. He found out the hard way that the butt kissing and being ‘on their side’ tactic doesn’t work. Pres Trump offered him help but he wanted no part of it.

IMHO the purpose of blm/antifa at the time was to get Pres Trump out of office.The Democrats were behind them. They’ll use violence if they have to. If you think they won’t you’re giving them too much credit.

The whole point is the Jan 6 Capitol Break in was not an insurrection. It was a riot and the people involved have had various charges already brought against them.BLM/Antifa were definitely staging an insurrection. Do not let the left get away with pushing this narrative. Vote out the Republican back stabbers.

If Pence would have had any spine he could have done the right thing and refused to certify the votes and sent them back for an audit in the questionable states where the legislators violated the Constitution. The worst that might have happened is a hearing at the Supreme Court. It’s a shame Trump had to worry if Pence would do the right thing. It was a no brainer.

Trump was right about so many things the media,the Democrats and the Deep State called a lie or a conspiracy theory. All of it has been recently revealed .The only thing left to reveal now is if there was sufficient election fraud to affect the outcome of the election. It really does kill me how hard the cabal is working at keeping that narrative away from the public. When you ban, censor and harass people for saying it, including the President of the United States, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

I say we keep it out there. i’m sorry but thinking it’s better to sit back,move along and accept the questionable results is asinine and dangerous. We’re not a 3rd world country and we’re not going to allow it to go down that road. When the audits are complete and the verdict is in then we can put it to rest.

If Joe honestly won we have to accept the results and the fact he is the legitimately elected President. We don’t have to like it and we can do our utmost to oppose his policies but we would have to accept his presidency. If he didn’t legitimately win that’s another story. We’re allowed to talk about it. It’s protected speech under the First Amendment. IF Trump isn’t calling for the violent overthrow of Biden and is simply saying he stole the election there’s no reason for the ban anywhere. IF they cheated this time and get away with it there’s no stopping them from trying it again. If they can ban a President and censor his free speech what makes you think they won’t come after to you. All those Biden fruitcakes don’t get that. They called Trump a dictator but Joe is the one being the dictator and he gets a pass. It will bite them in the butt.

We just witnessed a soft coup in the United States of America. Let’s call it what it is. Let’s call them what they are, Marxists. The election cheat may be one more thing that Trump was right about. i remember the media uproar when he had the nerve to say he was spied on. They tried to paint him as crazy. He was right and that was barely scratching the surface of the whole corrupt scheme.Our own FBI was involved in it. Obama and Biden were involved in it.

Anyone sitting back and letting all this roll by are not going to be thrilled with the end result. IMHO the Capitol Building is not the seat of power in our country. The real power is in propaganda. It’s cable news and media.

Maybe Twitter,Facebook and You Tube should consider banning the people involved in ‘Spygate’? Maybe Twitter,Facebook and You Tube should consider banning BLM/Antifa? Dorsey won’t even ban the terrorist regime in Iran or the brutal CCP regime in China but he’ll ban our own President as long as his name is Trump. Let THAT sink in.

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Twitter: Hades Online

i was banned from Twitter and Facebook both. doesn’t matter. Portia( a dear friend)and i were getting ready to delete our accounts anyway. The imbeciles are still trending the same old garbage every day. it’s an echo chamber for liberals. Why prop it up? if we leave they will eventually end up talking to themselves. Jack Dorsey is a whack job. A rich whack job but a whack job nonetheless. Why help him out?

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Twitter is unlike any other media platform. It is limited to short notices, blurbs, insults, comments, links, and photos, a message board plus video posting. It is not easy to understand where the concept comes from…is it brilliant or dumb, with some value or devoid of usefulness? Why would anyone want that level of connectivity with others…and why the short form? There is a certain mocking genius behind it’s creation. Twitter seems…

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