Special Announcement

In light of the fact that not everyone who stops by is familiar with Word Press, thought it might be a good time to clarify a few things about the blog.

You will note at the top of each entry is a date,author name and a comment option. The username here is boxerpaws & is not necessarily the actual author of an entry.The author name on WP goes by the username of the owner. If there are several people who work on one blog it’s the prerogative of the group to determine a name. I looked into tutorial’s to see if there were a way to remove the author name from the entries without removing the username from the account. None of the little tips and tricks worked. i think this feature is worked into ALL themes and there’s no escaping it.

The problem here is that most of the articles posted here are by other authors.From time to time i throw in an original entry. i use the word press ‘press this’ tool. The tool is handy because it not only ‘grabs’ the article it also AUTOMATICALLY includes the source of the article at the close of the entry.

What it comes down to is this: an entry that has a source is not an original entry written by the owner. The credit belongs SOLELY to the author of THAT article. If an entry does not have a source at all then the author by line is correct; it’s boxerpaws(me).

Every so often i’ll leave my own ,usually short,commentary on an article and that will appear AFTER the source.

If anyone knows a simple way to remove the author by line in the entries let me know. Nothing tricky though. Keep it simple or i’ll be back asking a lot of questions. You see this author by line at the top of the entries where the date it is posted.

The bottom line is that i’m not trying to take credit for the good work of another author. In fact in searching out articles i’m pretty darned picky and only post what i consider to be the best-as well as interesting to the kind of reader who might stop by here.

The images are another story.i go out of my way to be as sure as possible i’m not using copyrighted material but the site also includes a fair use notice https://americafirst.blog/fair-use/

Again, if an entry contains a source the article is by that author (NOT boxerpaws).If an entry does not contain a source the author IS boxerpaws. Finally, if there is further commentary after the source is listed; that’s a few words from boxerpaws. I don’t do it often & it’s usually very brief but you may notice it in some entries.