You’re a Liberal? You have to believe the Big Lie.

I was a liberal. i believed the BIG LIE up to the age of 40. Born in 1952. You can do the math. Our parents were Democrats. They went to the local picnics. They donated to the fundraisers. They voted for Kennedy. They weren’t radicals by a long shot. Dad fought in WWII. Mom and dad waited until he got home from the war to get married. They both lived through the Great Depression. They did not have an easy life. They worked their whole lives and never took a dime from the government. The government didn’t have a dime to give. They insisted we attend Catholic school, go to Mass every Sunday, keep our rooms clean, do our homework and get our butts to bed at a certain time. Our black and white television was a luxury. As a family we watched Bonanza and Ed Sullivan. Mom watched the Lawrence Welk show and i thought that was pretty lame. It was American Bandstand and Soul Train for me. We grew up with music in our household. We just ended up having different tastes. My brother has a love for classical music. Go figure.

We were definitely middle class. Not rich, not poor. Dad made sure there was a roof over our heads, food on the table and a few toys at Christmas. They both had this typical answer of no. If they didn’t think you needed it or they didn’t have the money it was a resounding no. If they didn’t think there was something you should be allowed to do it was a resounding no. We managed to survive it; not that they didn’t have their hands full. Unfortunately after the Kennedy assassination and the upheaval of the 1960’s their world and ours was turned upside down. The legislators gave the 18 yr old the right to vote with an amendment to the Constitution. I thought it was very noble of them at the time. Now, as i can look back with an objective eye, it has since occurred to me it wasn’t noble at all. They wanted the demographic to vote Democrat. I became a raving liberal. The Republicans were for the rich. Democrats were for the poor. War is always evil run by the industrial military complex. Abortion was a woman’s right and men were trying to oppress women. The capitalist system was oppressing the poor. Freedom meant being able to do whatever we wanted. Our parents had sacrificed so much for us and tried to instill the good values they grew up with. We took a lot for granted & decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You know who those people were leading us down that path? Marxists. Atheists. Hedonists. You know where those ppl are now? Academia, Cable News, Government. They became ‘the man’ we were supposed to reject. They’re still Marxists, atheists, hedonists who twist the meaning of language.

I think i was fortunate to be given a moment of grace and that moment gave me an opportunity for self reflection on my whole life up to that point. Our parents were good people who were Democrat because they believed the Democrat party represented hard working middle class families. They didn’t get into the weeds with politics. They did what they could for the local Democrat party and voted for Democrat presidents. They may have voted for Reagan but we never discussed who we voted for, so i have no way of knowing with certainty(it’s a hunch); they considered the vote as confidential as the sacrament of confession. I know Carter was not doing the best job. Gas prices were high and our hostages were being held in Iran. Things were not good so i feel safe in assuming they voted for Reagan. I also suspect they voted Obama but i can’t say that with certainty either. i know mom just loved Hillary. Don’t ask me why. They weren’t ideologues as you would think of ideologues. They were very simple people. They weren’t book smart. They were life smart. They based their opinions on the world view THEY grew up with.

Now i look back on everything they did for us with the gratitude i should have had then. You cannot imagine how often i stop and think how i should have been a better daughter. They meant well voting Democrat. A lot of those folks meant well voting Democrat. My folks had a great love of country. They would never have supported a football player taking the knee at the anthem. Take that to the bank. My dad’s last request before he passed away was getting a nice flag to put on their front porch for July 4th.We did. Mom went right to the store and picked it up. They taught us to respect authority, especially law enforcement. The Democrats spitting on our police would never have flown with them. They never lived to see what happened to our country so they always remained Democrats.

I could never vote Democrat again though. I respect my parents choice but this party is not for me. i became pro life with a passion and that was the beginning of the end for liberalism/marxism and the Democrat party. I’m even sure, given everything i’ve seen so far, our parents would never go for where the party has gone-or at least since it revealed its true identity. Once your eyes are opened you suddenly see the BIG LIE.

What is the big lie? It boils down to this-the true meaning of freedom. The BIG LIE is that freedom means being able to do whatever you want. Real freedom(liberty)is the right to do the moral good or ought. Our fathers and grandfather’s didn’t fight in WWII for us to burn down our cities, disrespect our police or murder our babies. They didn’t fight and die in WII for us to abandon our families and let government take care of our needs. They were good at telling us no for a reason. Liberalism is dangerous. It says yes to everything and anything.

Obama, Biden, Hillary and their cabal are telling us a bigger lie and their media is helping them. The bigger lie is that if they break the law, oppose legitimate duly elected government and ignore justice it’s for a righteous reason. It means they can get away with murder. So far they have. I know my folks would have wanted me to stand up for what is right and oppose the Marxism they’re trying to impose on our country.

Thomas Sowell took this journey. Andrew Breitbart took this journey. David Horowitz took this journey. Candace Owens took this journey. We owe it to good people who gave us the foundation to find our way. We owe it to our God given rights guaranteeing the freedom we have to encounter the truth. We must reject Marxism and all its lies.

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