We Can’t Afford to Be Asleep Anymore-the Wolf is in the Gate

President Trump was a force to be reckoned with. He ALMOST destroyed them,but as we see almost wasn’t good enough. For 4 yrs there was a chess match and for the longest time he out maneuvered them. They got desperate and went for broke. They’re attempting an assassination without firing a shot.You want me to be honest. If all else failed i bet they would sink that low and actually pull the trigger.

How did we get here? The deep state was entrenched by the time we elected Trump. For the longest time the Republicans picked their weakest to run and expected we would plug our noses no matter what. They always told us the Democrat was worse so we would vote the Republican because the Republican was a hair better. The Democrats picked their weakest too until Obama. The wolf was now at the gate. Who did the Republicans set us up with? Romney and McCain. Who did they give us for House Speaker? First Boehner then Ryan and finally McConnell. PLEASE give us a break. Give us someone we can support!!!

Some ppl plugged their noses and voted Romney and McCain. Obviously some ppl just gave up and stayed home. Other Republicans probably voted Obama.Doesn’t matter because neither of these candidates could defeat him. Even the Clinton machine couldn’t beat him. That says a lot.

With Obama’s term up, of course Hillary would be next in line. What Obama didn’t see coming and Hillary didn’t see coming was Trump. The GOP establishment and uniparty didn’t see him coming either. The Deep State had their antenna up though. When they saw it was altogether possible Trump could be the nominee they kicked into high gear. Eventually all the forces that would be arrayed against him, for his first term, were in motion.

Obama-Biden,Hillary, the GOPe,Paul Ryan, the NSA,the FISA court, the FBI,Christopher Steele,John McCain…and a host of secondary actors from A-Z.

On the plus side Trump was an outsider. On the down side of being a DC outsider he had to get his sea legs in forming an administration. Once that was established he had to feel out DC and see how he could work with people who,for the most part, were swamp. Who knew how deep and wide and CORRUPT it was? I’m sure Pres Trump went into office with the same belief in our institutions we, as Americans, have always had.

Meanwhile Obama was just down the road with his shadow government and Hillary and her cabal had already gotten away with murder; they funded the phony dossier against Trump. We know the rest of the story about Obamagate (aka Spygate). Unfortunately, Trump was a lone man in a world full of backstabbers and the institutions we used to trust to protect our Republic from corruption, had become corrupt. Once Trump had beaten Hillary and he survived the Deep State onslaught of his first 4 yr term there was no way on earth they were going to let him get a 2nd term and if that meant cheating and fraud so be it. Whatever it would take.

There were some steps Trump should have taken and didn’t. (Puzzling to this day). He accomplished so much that i don’t want to seem ungrateful. He earned his 2nd term and i’m ready to give him his 3rd in 2024 but i did want to point out a few areas that need some work. Maybe there was a reason he didn’t get to them the first time. i hate to be an ‘armchair general’. It’s always easier on the outside than in the thick of battle. I just think it’s helpful to point these out. Consider it constructive criticism because i want him to be successful. When he’s successful, the country’s successful too. After you take all these points into consideration, recall all the major accomplishments he never got credit for. With that in mind, here we go:

  1. Fire Christopher Wray at the FBI and send someone in to really clean house. Devin Nunes would have done the job. There was a handful of people you could trust to get it done. Nunes was always the top of my list. Trump stuck with Wray. I still don’t get it.
  2. Esper at DOD opposed Trump calling BLM/Antifa violence in various cities-notably Portland-an insurrection and sending in military. Trump should have done it anyway. Another head scratcher. Trump was the CIC, not Esper. Lt Col Allen West would have been an awesome choice for the DOD.Anyone BUT Esper would have been a good choice. Once you find out they’re swamp, it’s time to show ’em the door.
  3. At first i thought Barr was a good choice for the DOJ. Durham was a head fake all along. Anyone ever see another picture of Durham besides the one that always made the rounds? Bet he doesn’t exist. Barr should have stuck to his bagpipes. Plenty of hot air. I have 1 question re Barr. Did he clean up the DOJ? Tell me he did and i’ll cut him some slack. Answer no, and it simply confirms my assessment.
  4. Trump should have told Turtle to pound sand. The Republicans need to [privately] tell Turtle to pound sand and ‘ask’ him to retire gracefully.

When Trump wins his 2nd term it will be his last term and i say it’s time for Trump unchained. If they’re swamp replace them. Hold the criminals accountable. This time Pres Trump can pick ppl of his own choosing-and i surely wouldn’t be as trusting as i was the first time. Of course, since then, most of the rats have been exposed.

As for us, the Trump supporters, the smelly MAGA Walmart ppl now that we see that the wolf made its way into the gate we have no choice now but to stand up and push back. They’re Marxists and we shouldn’t be timid about saying it. Trump is right. We have to save America. It’s not make America great again, it’s not keep America great-it’s SAVE America. It’s up to the Republicans in Congress and the Republican governors in the states to stand up to the Marxists [and their swamp] on the Federal level. That’s THEIR job. They took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and our country. It’s our job to stand up to them on the local level and keep the Republicans in office honest. If they’re swamp,if they’re backstabbers and if they didn’t stand up for Trump when they had the chance-we have to send them packing. If they’re on our side we have to give them all our support.

BTW. Trump had and still has 100% of my support. I call him President Trump. PERIOD. Not former, not previous, not ex. I am proudly going to give him -God willing i’m still here then-my 3rd vote in 2024.

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