Garrison Hall June 11, 2021 1:43 a.m. The Key For Success- The Last Refuge America’s Audit

Garrison Hall
June 11, 2021 1:43 am

This is the Sidney Powell bit-by-bit strategy. The key is for success is to

not be intimidated by the posturing of “authorities”, all of whom desperately want to avoid the obvious.

Meanwhile the audit keeps chipping away at the ballots, the recording methodology, the acceptance of obvious ballots which should not have been counted. The slease just goes on and on. And, most importantly, this sort of thing happened in every state where Trump should have won, was initially expected to win—but then magically fell behind as if by magic the entire election swung in Biden’s favor. There’s a clear pattern-and-practice here.We all know the fraud was too explicit to ignore and, now, as the forensic audit keeps chipping away, the entire 2020 election house-of-cars gets shakier and shakier. I concur with Trump—this whole damn thing’s going to collapse of it’s own weight. What happens when the feces finally hits the fan is going to be historically interesting.

Source: Chairwoman Kelli Ward Provides Update on Arizona Ballot Audit, and NINE States are Traveling to Arizona to Learn About Forensic Audit Process – The Last Refuge

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