Barrack is Back (Biden in trouble)?

CNN had to bring on Obama to help them gaslight the public and fight for Joe. Headline:

Former president warned in CNN interview ‘the path towards an undemocratic America’ will come ‘in a series of steps’

We know and that’s why the public is pushing back against CRT and indoctrination in our schools. We know the left accuses the other side of what THEY are doing. We know that the media is gaslighting the public when it claims Joe Manchin is “blocking federal voting rights protections”. HR1 is not about voting rights protections. It’s about federalizing elections so control ends up in DC away from the states and making fraud easier at the local level.Manchin understands that and it’s why he’s willing to take the heat. Yes, Obama was our first black President as the Guardian article felt necessary to point out.Biden isn’t black. He’s as white as they come and supported segregation. Biden was the main antagonist against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in what Thomas called a ‘high tech lynching.’ It was, we saw it and it was incredibly brutal. Biden is as white as they come and he’s not a nice guy either. For those that really know Joe(not the media lie)they can tell you nasty he is. You know what the lies are when the media is giving you the narrative and calling it news. Obama complained about the many outlets there are now. What is he looking for in ‘news’. A single one voice outlet of propaganda?

Our eyes work. We can think for ourselves. We don’t need a narrative.

So what did Obama basically say? We’re white supremacists and that’s why we want to suppress the vote. The Marxists aren’t a threat to our Republic-which he keeps calling a democracy-the racist Republicans are.

You don’t bring out Obama unless you smell trouble. Anderson Cooper just sits there and let’s Obama say whatever without question. Journalists ask questions. They dig deep. They go wherever the facts lead them. CNN does not do journalism.

Before you jump on my case and call me a racist for my attitude towards Obama let’s get a few things out in the open:

i didn’t vote for Obama. He was a radical and admitted he was a radical. He wasn’t hiding it, if you paid attention. He said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. That could mean a lot of different things to different people but i knew EXACTLY what he meant. I had no intention of voting for Obama because of his Marxist/radical ideology and no desire to prove i wasn’t a racist. i don’t have to prove that to anyone. IF you think i’m a white supremacist or whatever-knock yourself silly. i didn’t care for Romney or McCain either. I surely didn’t care for Obama’s VP pick Biden and Clinton at the State Dept.

One thing i’ll say for Obama that i can’t say for Biden is [that] at least he’s got his wits about him. They’re both anti American. They have that in common.Yet, Joe’s been living off the government for years while Obama is a newbie in that department. I’ll bet if the truth were told Obama probably can’t stand Biden but he’s the perfect tool. They both know where the bodies are buried so they have to support each other.

No, the Republicans are not trying to suppress any vote. Do they even realize how stupid that sounds? You’re trying to get MORE votes so you can win,not stop ppl from voting. Ask Joe Biden about Jim Crow Laws if you really want to know what that was all about. Ask Joe Biden about his support for segregation. Bet CNN would never touch that one.

The Republicans are trying to increase the vote and suppress fraud. Makes sense to me. Read the Democrats HR1 Bill and you’ll figure out how it’s a recipe for cheating; meaning candidates would have to cheat better than their opposing candidates, a free for all. Who wants to go down that road? If you as a voter want YOUR vote to count we have to keep our elections clean and honest. There may always be some fraud-always someone who’s willing to do something dishonest- but let’s keep it at a minimum and try to discourage it. BTW, voter fraud is still illegal.

What you do then, if you’re CNN, is bring out Obama to accuse the Republicans of being racists who don’t want minorities to vote. Then Obama can use the word insurrection to point a finger at Republicans(particularly Trump)when he never said a peep about BLM/Antifa for the whole of 2020.

Jan 6,2021 was not an insurrection no matter how many times you say it. It was a 1 day out of control riot. Our eyes work Obama. We don’t need the propaganda department at CNN telling us what we saw in 2020 and 2021.Antifa is still out in Oregon raising hell. They’re still an organized group just like BLM is still an organized group. They still have the same goals too. Anyone want to spell out what those goals are? We definitely need to have that discussion. You can give a group any name and the left is good at fooling the public with verbal engineering. Who is going to argue against Black Lives Matter? Of course they do,but if you oppose the ORGANIZATION by that name you’re obviously racist. How about Antifa which stands for anti fascist? Look at their tactics. Of course we’re anti fascist but if you oppose the ORGANIZATION that uses the name then you have to be a fascist. See how that works?

Forget their names; look at their tactics & their goals.They hide behind their names.

It’s their goals and tactics that need investigation.

The group on Jan 6,2021 was violent. Antifa and BLM in 2020-2021 are peaceful protestors. This is the media narrative. We have to have law and order and that’s the side ALL of us need to be on. We have to have due process. That’s the side ALL of us need to be on. The group from the Jan 6,2021 riot,for the most part,IS locked up. Those they have caught are under arrest and sitting in jail/prison. Antifa is still roaming the streets and raising hell,attacking police,federal buildings and causing chaos.

Question for Cooper,Obama or any Democrat willing to answer; what was ‘the Resistance’ movement in 2016-2020? They weren’t trying to overthrow or destroy a legitimately elected President? That’s the very definition of insurrection. Let’s talk about that one sometime and we will.

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    With all of the cards on the table, now, Obama cheated to win, too = I thought it now and still do.

    Obama has called us worst names than “racists.” Repetition compulsion is a psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats an event or its circumstances over and over again. He is mad at the world because “he ain’t white like his “mother.” He never helped the blacks during his time in office. Plain and simple. He thinks he is better than blacks.



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