8 thoughts on “So far, a BIG NEWS WEEK! (2)Guatemala, Kamala, Antrim county and more. | America is a Republic!

    1. i did not publish it ‘by boxerpaws’ under the headline. It’s probably a feature of the theme i’m using. i never noticed it but since you’ve brought this to my attention will see if there’s some way to change it. Anytime i press an article it AUTOMATICALLY puts the source at the end. Any article that DOES NOT have a source is an article i have personally written. all other articles note the source. Let me go back and take a look because i have never seen this on my end. if it’s there will change it. i never intended to take credit for any article i have not personally written and have hoped all along that the note of source encourages the reader to check out the original. will get back to you and let you know what’s going on here. My apologies. it wasn’t intentional.
      The article was fantastic or i’d have never pressed it.

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      1. No problem. I never thought you were doing anything wrong but i am new to WordPress, having left social media for my health and on to writing which lowers my BP. Thanks for spreading it. I was the very first use and i was a little shocked. Appreciate your response and good luck and health.


      2. welcome to WP. think you will enjoy it here. i checked high and low to see where the author by line is located. All i managed to do was take out the date. i even tried adding code to the CSS that was supposed to work. Didn’t. What else is new,right? the other option was to use a plug in and i thought it was free. nope. you have to pay for it. the last option i have is to completely change the theme. now what i could do short of that is write up a disclaimer that can be included in every post and give credit where credit is due. BTW your article was fantastic. i only ‘press’ the best. Do you use the press this feature yourself-that’s how i grabbed your article. i call it press.i’ll work on this and get back to you. i could also put up a link to your blog on my menu. i really felt bad and hope that makes it up to you.


      3. I pull in things, mostly from RealClear, Powerline, News sources…i try not to use blogs as sources but sometimes they have the goods. I always prefer original sources. I’m a conservative but not a fan of some right wing nonsense.


      4. don’t know if you found it yet but in case you didn’t: go to tools. under tools there is a button called press this.you drag and drop in your bookmark bar. When you find an article you like-ANY article on any site-ie the ones you pull-just click the press this button and it grabs it for you. kind of nifty time saver.


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