Mike Pence BREAKS his SILENCE – Explains his Relationship with Donald Trump – Patriot Powered News

Source: Mike Pence BREAKS his SILENCE – Explains his Relationship with Donald Trump – Patriot Powered News

Jan 6 was not an insurrection. BLM/Antifa were perps of an insurrection the Democrats and media supported.

i would be proud of the accomplishments of the Trump administration too but certifying a stolen election so the Marxists could destroy our country? A no brainer. You stand up for what is right. PERIOD. Then let the chips fall where they may.

As for the Capitol Riot-that it was-they actually went to the wrong building. The seat of power is not the Capitol. it’s the media colluding with the deep state. 

They’re responsible for the death of our own citizens, the closure of our economy, loss of jobs, suicides, kids missing a year of school, CRT being introduced into our schools and other institutions, including our military. 

They lied to the public over and over again while covering up for China and the Biden’s. What  a corrupt bunch of sleazeballs. You can’t tell me the 2020 election wasn’t corrupt. BULLSHIT. Excuse my French but i’m absolutely right in saying Biden is not the legitimate President.  Our FBI is corrupt. Our Justice Dept is no such thing. It’s corrupt. Durham was a head fake. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerburg are both anti American slugs and anyone still on their platforms need their heads examined. You trust them? You’ve lost it. They have all your data and they’re making a fortune from it but God only knows what all they’re doing with it. You’re thinking how  innocent it is. You’re looking at videos, pictures, contacting your family, sharing the memes, recipes and humor. Oh how wonderful-while those 2 pieces of trash are burning down your country around you.  I could call them some better names but i’m trying to refrain myself at this point. 

Wake up people. Biden’s not the president and the country is his dumpster fire. He’s not running the show. He doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground but as long as he can sign his name and pretend to be President the real power is pulling the strings. They better hope he doesn’t goof up too badly overseas and get us into a nuclear confrontation down the road. 

You know darned well what Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally transform the country. That’s Marxist talk couched in acceptable language and now Biden is here to finish the job. Obama STAYED in DC to run his shadow government. Biden was a corrupt VP so he was the perfect candidate. They both know where the bodies are buried. They were confident Hillary would be the one. They were sure she could beat Trump with the help of their media. It didn’t pan out so well. They had to get Biden in this time even if it meant cheating to do it.

The media, the Deep State, Obama and Biden are ALL responsible for the Wuhan cover up and the death of millions-as well as the destruction they hoped to inflict on our economy. Trump set such historical records and got our economy blazing enough that they didn’t do as much damage as they could have; but it’s coming. Mark my words it’s coming. Their leftist tools on Twitter have no clue. They’ve been gaslit so well they think repeating the media propaganda is a righteous enterprise. They’re as stupid as it gets. Everything they accuse you of is what THEY are doing.

Pence set it all in motion because he was afraid of rocking the boat.

If ever there was a time and reason to rock the boat that was it. Sorry Pence,you’re a good man(i won’t kick you when you’re down)but you lacked the necessary courage to do the right thing and save our republic.

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