SPICY: Trump Blasts Dem Witch Hunts, Says Clinton and DNC Should Be Held Accountable TAKE NOTE: i refer to DJT as President Trump.PERIOD. Not former,previous or ex.

PICY: Trump Blasts Dem Witch Hunts, Says Clinton and DNC Should Be Held Accountable By Cassandra Fairbanks Published June 10, 2021 at 9:25am President Donald Trump issued a statement on Thursday regarding his exoneration in the “Mueller Witch Hunt,” saying that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee should be held accountable.Trump also pointed out that their nonsense cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

“Now that I have been totally exonerated on the Mueller Witch Hunt with a charge of No Collusion, I have often wondered, if a fake investigation is illegally started based on information provided and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, shouldn’t they be held accountable?”

Trump asked.

“Not to mention, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and interfering with years of a presidential administration? I fought the made-up Hoax strongly and effectively, and I won.”

“Then they fabricated, out of thin air, the fake allegation that I obstructed justice, and I won that too. Think of it, how can you obstruct justice when you were fighting a false and illegally submitted narrative?” 

Source: SPICY: Trump Blasts Dem Witch Hunts, Says Clinton and DNC Should Be Held Accountable

Stolen Election 2020. What ARE our options?

Most people know Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election.Unfortunately, most doesn’t mean all or that enough ppl to know. The same people who know also know Donald Trump won in a landslide and that created a problem for the cheaters. Keep in mind;even the cheaters know. They also know that WE know that THEY know. Hence the barricade in D.C. It has nothing to do with an insurrection. They know it was a riot and that calling it an insurrection is a real stretch, if not a lie.

VP Mike Pence didn’t want to rock the boat so here we are. If he had done the right thing maybe we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are now. We’ll never know what the consequences would have been given he made the easy decision. So we have to be realistic and consider what our options are.

and the cheaters know it too

First of all we don’t have to accept the election results regardless of the outcome. If we saw substantial fraud[we KNOW they’re corrupt] then we need to keep the pressure up and make sure the truth is revealed. If Joe really won then they shouldn’t be concerned and we should accept the results.

They’re not only concerned they’re trying everything under the sun to stop the audits,they banned Trump from Twitter and Facebook, nobody is allowed to question the election results. If you do you will be censored or banned. Pretty fishy wouldn’t you say? They act guilty. Why are they trying to hide it if there’s nothing to hide?

The bottom line is keep speaking up anyway. Don’t capitulate. The truth matters. It may feel like time is slipping away and there are no options at all; doesn’t matter. What counts is that you don’t throw in the towel.If there’s a Trump rally,go. If there’s a petition that supports MAGA or opposes Biden, sign it! Call Biden what he is-a fraud. Call the Democrats and media what they are-Marxists and LIARS.

PLEASE ditch Twitter and Facebook. Why are we propping them up? The people who are sleeping will stay there. They’re unaware and blissfully ignorant. Forget them. My husband is one of them. I know other ppl who don’t have a clue what is going on and don’t care if they do. i’ve tried to get through to them and end up frustrated. Hang with people who get it.

Keep an eye on the audits. If they’re considering an audit in your state make sure your legislators know you support it. Call their offices,send an email,if you feel inclined, plan a rally at your state capitol.

If you get legit information about the audits share it.

Will we be able to right the 2020 election? To be honest and realistic i have to say,i really don’t know. Can we expose the fraud? We can try.The media is the enemy. They’re not going to cover it. We have good people who will. People like Mark Levin, Dan Bongino,Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity.i happen to think radio is the best form of communication we have going for us. Can we get the Biden-Harris administration removed from office and the legitimately elected President back in(reinstated)…no idea. Maybe the best we can do is expose them & start the campaign for 2024.

BTW,let President Trump know we are still out here and have his back. You can send messages to him and First Lady Melania through his website.


The left and the never Trumpers would like nothing better than for our support to waver and eventually die out. They’re counting on it. Their goal is to make him irrelevant and they’re hoping we will help them do it. It is a real danger that we could become less enthused and less engaged over time especially with communication being limited. Human nature. The way to keep up the enthusiasm is to stay engaged and keep in touch with other MAGA supporters. It also helps to remind ourselves that we MUST win. The Marxists must be destroyed and the Deep State crushed once and for all.

Yes,we would like 2020 to be corrected but getting Trump elected in 2024 is not a bad outcome either. Remind people of his accomplishments. Remind ourselves of his accomplishments. You could always start blogging,do a podcast, keep holding rallies. We’ve got to get the Republicans in Congress off their collective a–es. Some of them need primaried with a good challenger.

I don’t know as we have any route of recourse. It would take a lawyer who knows his/her Constitution- i don’t think we have ever dealt with a situation like this before in our history.i do know one POSSIBLE route and that would be for our military to take matters into their own hands.If i were in the military and they were shoving CRT down our throats [with all their other b.s.]while this fraud was installed in office it wouldn’t take much to convince me what needed to be done to protect and defend our Constitution.

Biden on Memorial Day.

Heels up Harris chimes in.

D-Day anniversary. Crickets. None of this was a simple oversight or woops i forgot moment-they were all deliberate. Under most circumstances Biden is lost but on these occasions it was totally intentional.

I wouldn’t forget that he called us ‘dull’ and ‘stupid bastards’ then had the audacity to tell us we’d be doing battle with our greatest enemy, climate change. I surely wouldn’t allow the treasonous bastard to overthrow the duly elected Pres Trump in a coup. We can always hope our military will set the ship right. Short of a military maneuver, short of a constitutional route a great legal mind could lead,we have to send Biden and his ilk to the curb in 2024 by electing Donald Trump to the office he earned.

For now we can push back like many patriots are doing at the local level.You’ve seen the examples. Parents,teachers and informed citizens telling school boards and local officials to take their critical race theory and perverse inappropriate ‘sex education’ and roll. Don’t be afraid to stand up. There’s more ppl that will have your back than you can imagine. #MAGA starts there.

Seriously,keep an eye on those audits too and get after your legislators to follow through with one in your own state.

You could pre-order Mark Levin’s book American Marxism. Knowledge is power and we can use the ammo. Take note: i get no compensation of any kind for promoting Levin’s new book.I get the satisfaction of knowing we’ll be empowered and the Marxists are put on notice.

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Another False Narrative Exposed – IG Report Shows Lafayette Park WAS NOT Cleared Using Tear Gas So President Trump Could Attend St Johns Church – The Last Refuge

In May and June of 2020 Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors were rioting all over Washington DC, attempting to destroy statues, looting businesses and lighting fires.  The Mayor of DC allowed the protestors space to destroy the city.  The epicenter of the left-wing rioting and violence was Lafayette park, across the street from the White House.Thus began a major controversial narrative in June of last year as the media and democrats decried how the U.S. Park Police cleared protestors from Lafayette Park shortly before President Trump walked to St. John’s church.  The media shouted that President Trump told park police to fire tear gas into the crowd and dispurse the protesters in any manner or method. 

Source: Another False Narrative Exposed – IG Report Shows Lafayette Park WAS NOT Cleared Using Tear Gas So President Trump Could Attend St Johns Church – The Last Refuge

Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Greatly Improved COVID Survival Rate for Ventilated Patients – The Last Refuge

How many people would have been saved if the professional medical establishment had not been politically determined to undermine President Trump?Last year President Trump advocated for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM), two readily available drugs, in the treatment of COVID patients who worsened with the respiratory illness to the point of Invasive Medical Ventilation (IVM).  The media proclaimed the presidential advice was wrong, and the medical establishment undermined the administration’s advocacy.  Now a study shows treatment with those medicines would have led to many saved lives.

Source: Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Greatly Improved COVID Survival Rate for Ventilated Patients – The Last Refuge

China’s Guangzhou City Unexpectedly Suspended Vaccination Amid Worsening COVID-19 Outbreak

China’s southern city of Guangzhou has become the epicenter of a major new coronavirus outbreak. Starting May 31, locals must present a “health code” if they want to leave the city, an indication of a semi-lockdown. At the same time, however, local authorities decided to stop all vaccinations without a sensible explanation.Guangzhou’s deputy mayor Li Ming announced at the city’s epidemic control press conference on May 31 that mass vaccination against COVID-19 was suspended starting immediately.According to Li, the decision was based on two concerns: One, a shortage of manpower, as medical staff was needed to administer mass nucleic acid testing. Two, Guangzhou residents now felt an urgency to get vaccinated, and vaccination sites were overcrowded, posing the risk of virus transmission.However, the true reason why Guangzhou authorities suspended all vaccination could have something to do with the low effectiveness of Chinese-made vaccines––they simply don’t work well.

Source: China’s Guangzhou City Unexpectedly Suspended Vaccination Amid Worsening COVID-19 Outbreak

Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election

Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno released new information from his investigation into the Antrim County 2020 election.In May DePerno broke the news that the Antrim County tabulator machines can be reopened after the election. The machines can then run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November 3rd.

Source: Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election