Counting Down the Days!

Every day that goes by it’s a day closer to July 13th. The day that Mark Levin’s American Marxism is shipped to my home. Can’t wait!!! The last week of waiting will be hard to take. Yes, i’m that anxious to start reading it. Have you pre-ordered Levin’s new work so you can get your First Edition Copy?

You can save 38% at Amazon if you order the hardcover now.

You save 20% at Barnes and Noble.

Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. Buy American Marxism (Hardcover) at

Source: American Marxism (Hardcover) – –

You are guaranteed the lowest discount once you pre-order.

Mark’s new book is critical for the times we live in. The more we expose the left for what they are, the better the chance of having their ideology destroyed in America. I know most of us never signed up for Marxism and find it hard to believe it has infiltrated the country. It has and we have to call them out on it, we have to identify them by name and push back. Mark’s book will give us the tools, send them a message and wake up the people who still think the Democrats are nothing more than radical progressives. Get Mark’s book up to #1 on the Amazon best seller and that in itself sends them a message.

Order a copy for yourself and if you’re able for your friends and all loved ones. I’d even get a copy for my worst enemy. Might be just the person who needs to read it.

This is a win-win-win. You get a First Edition copy of what is probably Mark’s best book, it’s at a discount price (very affordable), you help keep him at the top of the best seller list ahead of the liberal books out there, you get a fantastic read for the summer and finally, become part of a movement against American Marxism. Although if you’re MAGA you’re already there. Order today. Let’s show ’em what we can do!!! Seriously, this is a very critical work that everyone needs to read. i could hardly work it into last months budget and i ordered it anyway. THAT important.

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