Everyone Surviving?

After weeks of record cool weather it’s like we skipped spring and went headlong into summer. Two seasons would be fine with me. Fall and Winter. Yes, winter. Now the readers will think i’m certifiable crazy. Don’t blame you but i honestly can’t take the heat and snow isn’t half as dangerous as tornadoes; unless you have to drive through it of course. I do hope everyone is surviving the record heat, the economy heading south and this fraud we have sitting in the White House.

As of approximately 6 months ago my husband was at the Cleveland Clinic undergoing open heart surgery. Before that we were desperately trying to raise funds because we had to cover 2 trips to Ohio. Each one-as cheap as we got them-came to about 600.00 that we didn’t really have. i put out a call on Twitter because i was hopeful out of 10k followers if even a few would contribute a small donation it would help. The worst part was even asking at all. I wasn’t about to do a gofund me page either. i did a couple of those for other people who needed help and never raised a dime for them. It was not only a waste of time but embarrassing and a huge disappointment.

In the end we took out 2 loans and since then paid both of them back. Fortunately our credit union has 2 loans per year with 100% chance of approval. They do no credit check and it’s not based on income. One is called the summer fun loan and the other starts in Nov for Christmas. The only drawback is the payments are higher than a personal loan because they’re a 6 month loan, but they’re not so high they can’t be paid. We’re thankful our credit union has the offers and it’s nice to have ’em wrapped up in 6 months.

My husband recuperated beautifully from the surgery. i cannot say enough good things about the Cleveland Clinic or the city of Cleveland(which i fell in love with). He had a fantastic heart surgeon in Dr Unai. He also survived a rare but serious disorder that is often fatal;bacterial endocarditis and sepsis. Between the time he was first admitted to one hospital here and being transported out of a 2nd hospital he had 2 strokes. He managed to survive those with minimal effects but he also spent 3-4 months in hospital and nursing home care for the bacterial endocarditis, sepsis, valve damage and stroke. It’s a long story so i’ll skip it here to get to the point. In the future i would like to share everything i learned through the experience. For now long story short, we came up with the money and paid off the loans,which brings me to the point we’re at now.

I’ve paid for 3 yr on a pro feature blog here. i managed to do this by the skin of my teeth as the expression goes. This year i considered letting it drop and saving myself 128.00 but the payment had already gone through so i decided just to let it go. It was done.

I did put up a donation link to pay pal and thought if anyone stopped by and enjoyed an article they might drop in 1.00. Eventually i would pull enough together to cover the cost of the pro blog. So far that (obviously) hasn’t happened even when we were planning the Cleveland trips. I also signed up to be an affiliate of Amazon and offer books that would interest the type of audience i get. I checked around and Amazon was one of the only online stores that offered an affiliate program. i was hoping Barnes and Noble did but it turns out Amazon was the only one.

How did that go? Not too well, because i didn’t sell even one book & Amazon dropped my account in the end. Their policy. They give everyone sufficient time to get off the ground. It didn’t happen.

Now that the pro blog account is paid for the year i am making an appeal again so by this time next year i’ll have enough donations that i won’t have the choice of having to pay out of pocket or drop it. Elections 2022 and 24 are coming up soon enough. When the time comes for the 2024 election the blog is going to have a slight make over and lean towards supporting Trump the candidate. Once he makes the announcement and the campaigning begins in earnest, i begin here.If Trump doesn’t run(highly doubt this)we certainly won’t be supporting the Democrat’s Marxist candidate. That i can promise and you can take it to the bank.

As much as i hate to ask now, please consider the donate button on the right menu. I’m NOT looking for huge amounts either. A lot of people are having their own struggles to deal with and this would not be the top of their list. Understand that totally. I wish i had product to sell. Maybe i could look at that option in the future and come up with some ideas. If you can donate, know that it’s greatly appreciated & if you can’t know that it’s totally understood. A share would be helpful as well.

So how IS everyone surviving? Keep it together folks. I’ll do all I can to speak up for you here, show we haven’t lost the battle and keep your spirits upbeat.

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