Foreign interference in a US Election

Former UK Deputy Prime Minister who now serves as Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, has defended the two-year suspension of former President Donald Trump from the social media platform.

Biden and Harris supported BLM/Antifa all year long in 2020. Funny,how they’re not banned. They even had a fund to bail out the anarchists. Even stranger is how from 2016 on, the whole Democrat party claimed Trump was an illegitimate President and an agent of Russia but that was ok with Facebook. In fact, some Democrats encouraged their followers to confront the Trump administration-other times Antifa and BLM physically assaulted people associated with Trump. There’s video.There’s pictures. The evidence is all there;but remember they’re Democrats. They’re allowed. They tried to get Pres Trump removed from office as of day 1 right up till 2020 by whatever means necessary. That’s called an insurrection. Watch these people. They will accuse you of what THEY are doing.

Clegg must think ppl are stupid because it’s very obvious the timeline runs right into the elections. Good move ex-lax because it’s all going to back fire.

Twitter banned Pres. Trump too. You should see the imbeciles on Twitter and what they get away with.

Honestly, getting thrown off these 2 platforms[Twitter and Facebook] was the best thing that happened to me. Why is anyone still there propping them up? Fortunately there are people out there working on alternative sites and i hear Pres Trump will soon have his own.

Big Tech is in bed with the government. It’s just like the relationship China’s CCP has with their tech companies. No different. A lot of our own people are also in bed with China. They’re owned by the CCP and that includes Biden.

Eric Swallwell was sleeping with a Chinese spy and he’s on the intel committee. No big deal. See how that works? You never hear a peep about Swallwell, Biden’s corrupt dealings with China(and others)or Hunter Biden’s laptop.

I’m telling you Biden is owned by China. The evidence is overwhelming as is the media’s effort to keep it buried. China has dirt on his corrupt behind.Yes,i’ll be glad to gather up the evidence and post it. It’s out there.They-these tech oligarchs-know it’s true. Facebook, Twitter and cable news is not going to expose any of it. Chances are they’re in bed with China just like Joe. However, they do think by banning Trump it will help keep him out of office. No such thing is going to happen. Last i knew, Clegg is not even an American citizen. So he gets to interfere in U.S. Elections unchallenged? i don’t think so.

Please people get off Facebook and Twitter. Why are we helping prop them up? We’re shooting ourselves in the foot here.There’s parler,gab,mewe, Telegram and a few months from now Trump is launching his own social media platform. You don’t prop up the dictators that are putting the boot on your neck. Dan Bongino has it right. Build up an alternate economy;eventually you will financially crush the opposition. We begged Trump to ‘drain the swamp.’ We have our part in this draining too. It’s going to take time but we don’t look the other way when they censor a President of the United States.

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