Pres Trump delivered one helluva good speech in N. Carolina yesterday. Where’s Joe?

By all measures Pres Trump hit the ball out of the park with his speech at the N Carolina GOP convention yesterday.

Joe got 81 million votes on Nov 3,2020. It’s how he supposedly won the election. Yet his address to Congress got 1/2 the viewers Trump did for the same event.

I went over to Twitter to see the attacks i knew would be there and his name trending as well.

Sure enough.

Nothing new either. Trump’s a liar. They never say what he lies about.

Trump’s a racist. Everyone is a racist if they’re a Trump supporter,if they’re conservative or if they’re a Republican.

Obama was a better Pres than Trump. So what did Obama do for the country that was beneficial? i’ll give you that you can like Obama better than Trump but that’s not what i’m looking for here. What exactly did Obama do for the country?

i get it. Obama couldn’t be racist because he’s black and liberal. Trump has to be a white supremacist because he’s white and conservative.

Speaking of Obama, I saw them posting stats that purport to show Biden actually got more votes than Obama.😂

Heard that one i don’t know how many times after the election.

You ever hear that? Pretty good, wouldn’t you say, for a guy who barely campaigned?

Some of the tweets were saying Trump has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and you could tell during the speech. They’re trying to accuse Trump of what they know to be true about Biden.

Remember headlines like this when Trump was President:

Is Trump Sick? Videos Of Him Walking, Drinking Water Raise Questions About President’s Health

I do know this, Pres Trump shredded Biden during the speech. Think Biden will respond? Doubt it. What can he say?

Trump’s speech at the Convention struck me as the opening salvo for his 2024 campaign. He gave off that impression but kept the emphasis on 2022,especially with regards to election integrity. He definitely supports the audit in Arizona and any other states willing to follow suite.

What really came across in his speech was his love for our country and our citizens. You could tell how heartbroken he is for what Biden and these Marxists are trying to do to the country especially after all he had done to make America First. Finally, this is noteworthy so i have to bring it up. i watched the speech- got more views on their network for the Trump speech than Fox and CNN combined!!! Last i knew at least. Not bad.

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