Great Speech in N. Carolina Mr. President. You Gave Us Hope Again!

I picked up that you’re ready to run in 2024 but it’s not quite the time to make a formal announcement. You picked up our spirits too. We’re with you. Here’s a heads up before the day you occupy your rightful spot in the White House again; consider the people in DC swamp creatures not to be trusted. You’ll find some exceptions. [Not many so be cautious]. i know there are people you have to work with-or more often that not, around -but they’re usually looking out for themselves. Politicians only care about the next election. Sorry to say it’s true. Not that there’s anything totally wrong with that idea. You can’t get anywhere unless you get elected first but some people only care about getting elected. There are some good ppl. Warriors like Jim Jordan you can count on but by and large the good ppl are few and far between. Wray at the FBI is one of those people that need fired immediately-he should have been fired a long time ago. The FBI needs some housecleaning. Wray is not going to do it. He’s corrupt and he’s taking the FBI down with him. In short ,the word is, watch your back.

Remember you were and still are a threat to the little club and that club consists of Republicans and Democrats. You weren’t supposed to win and rock their boat.

You asked, Where’s Durham? There never was a Durham. That was a head fake perpetrated in part by swamp rat Bill Barr. He had a lot of us fooled for the longest time but let’s remember he was a Bush guy. That says it all.i can usually smell a rat a mile away but in the case of Barr it took his being fully exposed to see him for what he was. I definitely missed it when you appointed him. i even swore he was a good guy who would stand up for what was right.

We’re well aware that if you’re a Democrat you can get away with darned near everything-if you’re a Republican or conservative and ESPECIALLY if you’re a Trump associate you can’t even breathe without it being pegged as a crime. Actually they have a target on your back and THEN they look for a crime. Like the Marxists did in the Soviet Union. No different.

The best part of the speech is that you made Twitter. Love it. Twitter is nothing more than a liberal echo chamber. Relieved i’m no longer there.It’s a waste of time just like Facebook. i don’t know why we keep propping them up. I did like that your speech being on Twitter poked them in the eye.

I know you’re heart broke over where the country is headed;just like us. Your speech made that clear-we have to be realistic- but you also gave us hope. We know you won’t give up. We know you are the legitimate President of the United States and won in a landslide. They know it too or they wouldn’t be killing themselves to make sure it’s never mentioned. They labeled it a conspiracy theory. They labeled spygate a conspiracy theory. It was real. They labeled your blaming the Wuhan lab a conspiracy theory. It was true. We know darned well your being cheated out of a landslide win was not a conspiracy theory either and will be proven to be accurate. We saw it with our own 2 eyes. They can gaslight some ppl but it’s not working with us.

So when you get down, discouraged, frustrated or even angry [like us] just remember all the solid support you have out here. We’re behind you all the way,we have your back and we’re not going anywhere. When you get back to swamp draining in DC again just be EXTRA cautious about the ppl you think you can trust. If they’re not on your side, if they’re dragging their feet,if they’re all talk and no action,if they’re not looking out for your best interests-out the door.

We love you sir and we pray for you and your wonderful family. Thank you for all you did,all you’re doing and all you are going to do. We are very grateful.

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