AG Barr Was A Plant, Threatened to Quit If Trump Drained The Swamp – The Beltway Report

The first signs that Attorney General William Barr was bad news was when we learned that his father had hired Jeffery Epstein to teach kids at The Dalton School.Many other red flags were exposed as time went on, with the most glaring being that NOTHING was done to the coup plotters in the FBI, DOJ, White House, Congress, Senate ETC ….Now we know for sure that Barr was a plant sent to derail the efforts to expose the Deep State’s coup against the American republic itself …The Gateway Pundit reported:‘In case you still believe Attorney General Bill Barr was one of the good guys.Nope.Barr was a pretender and he turned a blind eye to the lawlessness of the Deep State.Bill Barr failed to indict a single criminal in the Deep State after they spied on the Trump Campaign and Trump Administration. He did nothing as good men and innocent men were ruined by the Deep State. Barr did nothing to punish the coup plotters who worked for four years straight to take out President Trump. Barr did nothing as Democrats stole the 2020 election in state after state.Bill Barr was a traitor to the American people. That is clear.And, now today we find out that he threatened to quit if President Trump fired dirtbag FBI Director Chris Wray.’

Source: AG Barr Was A Plant, Threatened to Quit If Trump Drained The Swamp – The Beltway Report


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