May i ask,why is anyone still on Facebook and/or Twitter?

Why not just leave the idiots to their echo chamber? Eventually the only people they will be talking to are themselves.

How on earth could we stay on a platform that bans a former President of the United States and claims it’s because he supported a riot(lie)when Biden-Harris and the Dems let Antifa/BLM run wild in the streets with their full support?They claim the 2 groups were simply peaceful protestors when we watched them burning down cities with our own 2 eyes.

You know why they’re REALLY banning him. They think if they do so his following will drop off for lack of communication and he will no longer be a major force-a threat to them-to be dealt with. Let’s take up the challenge and make sure we are an even stronger force to be dealt with. I honestly think we begin by exiting their platforms. Cya Jack Dorsey. Cya Zuckerberg. Why do we need them and why do they think we do? I’m convinced the only way we destroy them is to take our numbers elsewhere.

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