Along With Spygate This is the Crime of the Century

Hold the media accountable too. They were part of the coverup for Spygate and the misinformation campaign on the Wuhan Virus. They’re no better. They lied to the American people. Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, if you can’t see the corruption involved here then you’re not looking and don’t care. By media i am referring to the cable news networks, Facebook,Twitter and You Tube along with printed ‘news.’ Any media platforms involved in the fake news and cover ups.

May i ask,why is anyone still on Facebook and/or Twitter?

Why not just leave the idiots to their echo chamber? Eventually the only people they will be talking to are themselves.

How on earth could we stay on a platform that bans a former President of the United States and claims it’s because he supported a riot(lie)when Biden-Harris and the Dems let Antifa/BLM run wild in the streets with their full support?They claim the 2 groups were simply peaceful protestors when we watched them burning down cities with our own 2 eyes.

You know why they’re REALLY banning him. They think if they do so his following will drop off for lack of communication and he will no longer be a major force-a threat to them-to be dealt with. Let’s take up the challenge and make sure we are an even stronger force to be dealt with. I honestly think we begin by exiting their platforms. Cya Jack Dorsey. Cya Zuckerberg. Why do we need them and why do they think we do? I’m convinced the only way we destroy them is to take our numbers elsewhere.

This Election Data Explains Why Dems Are So Terrified Of Trump and Why They Had to Stop Him…

Let’s keep in mind that this data is likely not reflective of the actual gains – because as we all know – the 2020 election was a sham. But this gives us a glimpse into why the Dems are so scared….and why they’re so desperate to silence Trump.Bizpacreview reported that the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that Trump’s voter share of women and people of color rose to 57.2 percent last fall, up from 54.8 percent in 2016, based on data from “Catalist,” a left-wing data analysis firm.

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Be sure to catch Wayne on his live streams. He’s always been real.

Former Democrat Explains Why He Joined the Republican Party

When Maurice Washington was growing up, practically everybody he knew was a Democrat.“Everybody in your family, your neighbors—they were all Democrats,” Washington, executive chair of the Charleston County Republican Party, said on Epoch TV’s “Crossroads” program.Washington recalled his father, a sanitation worker, dying when he was 9 years old.

His mother told her children that they would have to grow up faster.“So different values developed for me and my nine siblings, following mom’s step, working and investing in self and mind and not relying on government to pull you out,” Washington said.

“I tried to be a Democrat, more or less to stay in connection with other African Americans. It just didn’t work out. I always felt odd speaking the values that she instilled in us, and it was never really embraced by the Democratic Party. And so it led to the change and where I’m at right now.”

Washington served on the Charleston City Council throughout the 1990s before being elected by the South Carolina General Assembly to the South Carolina State University Board of Trustees. He was elected to his current position last year

Some think that black Americans are more favorable to welfare and other government handouts than others. According to Washington, that’s not the case.“It’s a mistake to believe that African Americans are more interested in handouts rather than a hand up; handouts rather than just leveling the playing field, equity, fairness. Level the field and let us compete, no advantages to anyone,” he said.“

The Republican Party believes in: ‘we’ll give you the tools, we’ll level the field, we’ll allow you to determine how high you rise or how low you remain,’ where self-reliance becomes the driving force. As I see the Democratic Party, its: government is your best pathway forward.

Not you, but government will take care of you. Become reliant on us and everything will be okay. Well, if you look at that policy, it has led to the highest percentage of unemployment of African Americans, the lowest level of wage earners, the highest nongraduates of high school and colleges—it’s just not working.

So we need something a little different. And I think that little different that we need is offered in part by the Republican Party.”Despite splits in the GOP between supporters of former President Donald Trump and those who oppose the ex-commander-in-chief, Washington sees the party as a big tent one that welcomes different ideas, visions, and perspectives.

The party, he added, should ultimately pull in the same direction.“So some differences along the way, but not the kind of differences that would ultimately cripple the party. And we have to work hard at ensuring that ultimately, it doesn’t hurt our candidate or the party brand,” he said.Washington also believes Trump should retain a role in the GOP.“If we think about it, he left us in pretty good shape. We control the redistricting process literally across America. So we have a chance to and we should win back the House in 2022 as a result of controlling the district lines.

No one is focusing on that. We may have lost the presidency, but we made what a plus 13-14 gain in the House of Representatives. We are now at a break-even point in the Senate. But all of this could change in 2022, as a result of the Republican Party from South Carolina, literally, to California, controlling the redrawing of those congressional lines,” Washington said.

So I think he left us in pretty good shape. If we don’t blow it—if we don’t blow it—and when you package that with 75 million votes, 10 million above and beyond the 2016 numbers, I would say that he has a pretty big voice still in the party going forward.”

  1. if only the Republican party were as sharp as this guy
  2. Yes he did,but they’ll blow it sir.
  3. Trump 2024 for the win he deserved in 2020. Whether you believed it was stolen(i do)or not.

Source: Former Democrat Explains Why He Joined the Republican Party

Mark Levin Audio Rewind 6.3.21

In the podcast you will hear a speech by Biden saying basically he wants to be Pres of all the American ppl -you know, be a ‘unifier.’ (LIE)

What Biden says and what Biden does are 2 different things. His lips are moving. It doesn’t mean anything. Besides, Biden is not my President. I didn’t vote for him and he didn’t win. He doesn’t represent me and i don’t feel the least bit slighted that the truth be told he doesn’t. Ok with me.

Ask yourself the question; are they (Biden, Dems, media and Deep State)corrupt enough to cheat? if the answer is, of course they are, then the truth is they did. Besides, it was so obvious that they were just shy of coming out and saying “ha ha we cheated you out of an election”.

With all the Republicans that won seats in 2020 you think they care that Trump is not in the White House? A handful give a flip. Some might even be viewing it as an opportunity for themselves. Remember, they are politicians. They’re ALL finding out what giving Biden the White House is like though. Remember when Trump tried to get the Republicans to repeal Section 230. The law that was intended to protect the internet. They didn’t get it repealed while they had the chance. i guarantee they regret not backing the President. We see the unbridled power of the tech giants. Trump saw it. Trump understood it. Trump knew the danger. Again, Trump was vindicated. President Trump was proven right about a lot of things. I wish President Trump hadn’t trusted so many untrustworthy people. He knew there was a swamp. He tried to drain it. One of his shortcomings was not being able to see some of the truly bad actors. For all the things his instincts helped him identify he just seemed to come up short when it came to swamp creatures. A good example was Christopher Wray. Another good example was Bill Barr. I bet he gets it now. There’s the old axiom we’ve all heard. You want a friend in politics or for me more specifically-you want a friend in DC, get a dog.

(A Boxer named Patton- for President Trump- would be perfect).

Biden doesn’t mention Trump by name or the program he initiated for the vaccines but in the same breathe he pats himself on the back for distribution of the vaccines. Newsflash for the puppet. It was Pres Trump, the program was called Operation Warp Speed and the method of distribution was already in place. You didn’t do squat Biden.

I’ve been over to twitter. Stopped by to see what the imbeciles on the left were up to. Same old trends, different day is all. Anything about Wuhan, Fauci, the lying media? Nope. Not a peep.Do they think anyone cares what they’re trending? Don’t they get it’s just an echo chamber?

Any good news coming out about the fake Biden administration? Nope. Not a peep. Nothing good coming out of the Biden administration, period. What shall they brag about? The border crisis, rising inflation, high gas prices, violent crime going up. Everything you wouldn’t want going up…is and anything you want staying down…isn’t. The best Biden has to offer is some creepy comment about a little girl that should make anyone, liberal or not, cringe. No, it was NOT ‘grandfatherly’ as some Biden supporter tried to use to dismiss him. It was as weird and sick as his hair sniffing episodes.

Trump was right about a lot of things and they called it conspiracy theories. They weren’t. They now say his calling Biden’s election a steal is a conspiracy theory. They don’t prove anything though; they just ban YOU for pointing it out. They will ban you for asking legitimate questions about the election. They banned the President of the United States for saying it. They’re having a fit about the election audit in Arizona; making every attempt they can to shut it down. If there’s nothing to hide why go to all this trouble to hide it?

I squeezed in an article to read from the left today too, about how the left doesn’t need to worry about Trump in 2024. Good. Keep up that attitude. That’s what we like to hear. They believe he was an anomaly -a one off-a flash in the pan of populism. I still believe the Dems,the media and Biden were corrupt enough to steal the 2020 election. They tried to pass HR1 in the first session of Congress. Read that piece of work. It spells out EXACTLY how the 2020 election of Biden was a fraud. They tell you how they did it; they show they want to turn their unconstitutional acts into law for the next elections.Seriously,read it. It’s 2020 in writing. They even had the hubris to brag about it to Time magazine.Nobody up in arms here? They admit it.

i called it a coup[it was]and believe we need military intervention to protect and defend our Constitution and a legitimate election. I call the people involved in these anti American acts-all of them coming from the Biden admin,Dems and the media-Marxists. They are. Biden calls us,ALL of us, white supremacists. Any opposition to him is being purged from our institutions, including the military. It’s not hyperbole to call that tyrannical. You don’t touch our military with this crap. They don’t take an oath to protect and defend a Marxist party, let alone any party.

The media keeps trying to paint Biden as a moderate. Biden is corrupt. God only knows what the Chinese, Russians and Ukranians have on him. The media really believes they can keep his corruption buried. Wrong. It’s coming out and it’s going to keep coming out.

A consolation is that when this ship goes down, the left that supported it, goes down with it. The good news is that we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the ship doesn’t sink; but if we fail and it should start we’re not letting the left bail out. Oh no you don’t. Every single one of you will own it and you stay right there till she sinks.

As for me, i proudly say I voted Trump, he was the legitimately elected President in 2020 by a landslide they didn’t see coming and i will proudly cast a 3rd vote for him in 2024 if 2020 isn’t corrected first. Let the left believe he’s done. We get it. They’re delusional about so much anyway. Let’s not argue their point.👍

Biden/Harris are the ‘Most Lethal Threat to the Homeland.’ | budbromley

Biden/Harris are the ‘Most Lethal Threat to the Homeland.’ They are far beyond dereliction of sworn duty. They left the Constitution, which presumably they swore to protect and defend, in the dust on first day in office. Yet here is mentally incapacitated Biden, a fake, a racist character disorder, projecting his white supremacy on Americans. Even worse, GOP does not get their act together and remove these criminals.In his thin but very heavy booklet, The True Believer, San Francisco longshoreman dockworker/philosopher Eric Hoffer warned us in 1951 of the man-of-action who follows the true believer. The world is now knee deep in their fundamental transformation into chaos and revolution.

Source: Biden/Harris are the ‘Most Lethal Threat to the Homeland.’ | budbromley

Former CDC Chief Robert Redfield Got Death Threats from Scientists for Saying He Suspected COVID-19 Originated in a China Lab

Six days after the inauguration in January Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control, sat down with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta to discuss the events of the past year.During the conversayion, Dr. Robert Redfield revealed publicly for the first time that he believed the Covid-19 coronavirus originated in a lab in China.He must have felt safe to say this since Trump was now out of the White House and had been saying this same thing for months.

Source: Former CDC Chief Robert Redfield Got Death Threats from Scientists for Saying He Suspected COVID-19 Originated in a China Lab