Biden Needs Tossed Out On His Anti American,Anti Constitutional (Stupid) Butt

He cheated his way into the White House. We know darned well he didn’t win. Trump won in a landslide they didn’t see coming and they know it as well as we do. We watched the night of Nov 3rd as they figured out the numbers they needed for Biden and fixed it for him. Our eyes work. They weren’t lying to us. I know that night i went to bed thinking what the hell just happened? Why aren’t they giving us the results? What’s with this water break in Georgia? Really? How convenient and there i sat listening to the media, knowing they were lying to us again. Nothing new but this one was so obvious it looked stupid.

By 10 am on November 4th we knew that massive fraud had taken place overnight.  The average American who was willing to search found out by noon on the 4th that the unheard-of had taken place, a massive fraud against the President of the United States had taken away his record-setting win”.


General Flynn was recently accused of saying we need a military coup on the order of the Myanmar Republic coup. Evidently he never said it; it was another media lie. We already had a coup here by the media, the Marxist Democrats, the Deep State and some backstabbing Republicans willing to support the Marxists. General Flynn may not have said it, but right here I will. We do need a military coup-it’s justifiable-and a temporary take over while free and fair elections are set up.

Will it happen? Not likely. Is it justifiable? Absolutely. Could it happen? Anything can happen and often does.I’m not suggesting it will. A girl can dream,right? The best we can do is beat the Dems in 2022,primary the backstabbers and vote Trump in 2024 and give him the term they cheated us out of with fraud in 2020. He earned it and we’re owed a free & fair election for the one we were cheated out of. The surest way to give Biden what he deserves is not just have Trump win but have him win in a huge landslide again.

You and i know why they put disclaimers on the President’s tweets. You and i know why they eventually banned Trump from Twitter and Facebook. It wasn’t because he claimed Biden was illegitimate or that he was cheated-the left said that about him for 4 yrs and not one of them was banned. They did it to Trump because they knew it was the truth. They could have put up or shut up but rather than dispute him with facts they banned him. You can’t dispute with facts you don’t have & none exist.

I was banned from Twitter and Facebook. Not once did i advocate for violence or threaten anyone. Not once did i even hint for an insurrection. i didn’t even post anything about resistance after the fraud[Biden] was installed. There was no warning from Twitter or Facebook. Twitter support said i could appeal but didn’t tell me what it was i had to appeal.

i was going to leave Twitter anyway. No point in one of Jack’s [phony appeals. All they do is send automated emails as a reply. Big deal.

Biden is as corrupt as they come. The cheat was too obvious. We all know we saw it.

I’ll leave it right there.

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