The Award for Worst Political Strategy in History Goes to Republicans Who Sided with Communist-Democrats in Stealing 2020 Election  READ AND SHARE.  YOU KNOW HE’S RIGHT.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve selected the most notable excerpts from the article. Be sure to use the link to the Gateway Pundit and read the whole article for yourself. Then please share. It’s worth it!! Thank you!!! 

It’s pretty clear after decades of failures and the rise of the Marxist left in the US that Republicans are not the brightest politicians and strategists.They somehow stumble into wins.  Their policies make sense and most Americans agree with these policies.  But Republicans have a knack for losing even when wins are handed to them.  So it’s should be no surprise that Republicans would own the uncoveted award of worst politicians ever.

The Democrats did absolutely nothing in four years to help America.  They never sided with the President once.  They lied and called him a Russian puppet (some real ignorant Democrats still do!)  Imagine what could have been done if the entire country was working for the common man.

It was clear the media and the Deep State were in on the Trump coup, but what wasn’t totally clear till the end was that the Republicans were too.    That’s when Bill Barr took off his mask, so did Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy.

Social media warned Americans that a victor would not be declared on election night.  When Americans finally went to bed early in the morning of November 4th they were very upset seeing the media not give the election to President Trump who was clearly in the lead in all of the swing states at that time.

But then the real horror arrived.  Americans woke to see hundreds of thousands of ballots drop in the early morning all for Biden in swing states which gave the senile old man the lead.

By 10 am on November 4th we knew that massive fraud had taken place overnight.  The average American who was willing to search found out by noon on the 4th that the unheard-of had taken place, a massive fraud against the President of the United States had taken away his record-setting win.

This strategy had no win.  By siding with the Communist Democrats they have no power – zero, nothing.  They no longer own the House, the Senate, or the Presidency.  But Trump is gone…

Had they sided with the President, Republicans would have been on the side of honor and the truth.  They would have owned their base for decades.  Had they stuck with the President they would have eventually won, as we shall see in coming weeks. (What’s going to happen when states like Arizona start reporting that President Trump won the state by hundreds of thousands of votes?)

By siding against the President and calling his base criminal (the largest political base in US history) the Republicans stepped into the land of the insane.  



Source: The Award for Worst Political Strategy in History Goes to Republicans Who Sided with Communist-Democrats in Stealing 2020 Election

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