Biden Reads DNC Election Narrative: “According to The Intelligence Community Terrorism from White Supremacy Is The Most Lethal Threat to The Homeland Today” – The Last Refuge

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes it is impossible to watch the pantomime and not see them.  The leftist narrative for the 2022 election is based on racism and the false construct of white violent extremists.  That’s the entire purpose of the January 6th commission effort.  All of these manipulative soundbites are fuel for the MSM propaganda machine to churn out.Today, exactly as expected, Biden reads the script typed into his teleprompter by the Obama network.  The Potemkin political village that Biden represents has no clue what is going on around him… he doesn’t need to.  The toxic Biden Inc family network is in it for money, self indulgence, elitist credibility and self-interest; they don’t care what words are needed, they will say/support any political narrative they are told to.For Biden Inc this is a business decision; for Obama Inc this is an ideological effort.

Source: Biden Reads DNC Election Narrative: “According to The Intelligence Community Terrorism from White Supremacy Is The Most Lethal Threat to The Homeland Today” – The Last Refuge

Our biggest threat is Marxism with Joe’s grandatherly face whispering into the mic and stoking up racial division. The media will be glad to drive the narrative.

 They have been, long before Joe [supposedly[ got elected .Racial division is a very useful tool. Any division is a tool of Marxism. Tailor it to the country you’re promoting it in. Biden has a real big business decision. God only knows what China,Russia and Ukraine have on him. You know-BLACKMAIL. I don’t think  he wants them to start talking. 

Fortunately for Joe he doesn’t have to worry about the U.S. media. They’ve become very adept at propaganda. They’re not going to dig deep. They’re not here to provide the truth to the American people. They are covering up for Joe and Obama. They’re the same people who willingly pushed the Russia Hoax, the impeachment Hoax-both of them-and the maybe Trump did something nefarious somewhere Hoax. They were even willing participants in the Joe won the election hoax and finally the  coup d’état -literally-the  Jan 6 insurrection Hoax.

Bottom line is they’re using racism to push division and thus Marxism. Division is diabolical. Saul Alinsky understood the tactic very well. Whether it’s race, gender or class warfare makes no difference. The idea  is to pit one group against the other. Whichever group you can stoke the most that’s the one you go with. Rahm Emanuel said it best, never let a crisis go to waste. 

If your eyes work  you can see it. How can anyone miss it with Biden pushing Critical Race theory through all our institutions, including military and that’s the biggest shame of all.When our president uses our military to promote Marxism we’ve hit a new low. IF you object then you must be racist or one of those white supremacist terrorists. See how that works?

The story they’re missing is that most of us get along. I don’t see a huge racist divide between whites & minorities, but i do see that if the media can gas light the public enough they can change perception. 

What if the other side starts to wake up? What if all of us were to decide we want no part of Marxist ideology and fought back? What if Biden weren’t really the President and he managed to get installed through corruption. You think it’s too far fetched? Then you don’t get how far they would go to get rid of Trump and put in one of Obama’s own. What if the military pushed back and said no way; we took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I think Marxist ideologues fit that category. 

It’s too big a stretch to hope the media could actually be honest. Put a hammer and sickle on their cable news logos.

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