Biden Does That Creepy Thing With Little Girls Again – The Last Refuge

Perhaps the people coordinating the political optics are intentionally baiting Biden with little girls nearby because their shift to Kamala requires it.

You may think it’s a bridge too far. I don’t doubt it for a second. Would they sink that low? For power? You can be sure they would.
They,meaning the Dems and media,can’t admit Joe has dementia or at the least declining mentally.  I believe it’s dementia but that’s just an educated guess. I’m not a dr and could be wrong.
Whatever the cause is,dementia or otherwise, he’s not with the program. If they were to admit it,that would beg the question;why did they let him run at all and why did they cover it up? They are NOT going to do that. So how are they going to get Joe out? An outrage universally accepted by Democrats and Republicans. INSINUATE Joe has an issue. He does, so they’re baiting him with it.
This is a head scratcher to me. You mean the 81 million ppl who voted for him couldn’t tell he was in mental decline? The media did their best to provide cover for Joe but they couldn’t control every situation.
After this creepy incident they have 1 of 2 choices to make; control his environment better or if they’re planning to get rid of him let it happen more often.
It must stink to be a Biden supporter[if there really are any] and know that you were duped.

Source: Biden Does That Creepy Thing With Little Girls Again – The Last Refuge

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