Dear President Trump: some things you should know

you are still loved,still supported and known as the People’s President. Many of us know you won the election in a landslide. If it turns out we can’t correct this egregious wrong then we can hope you will run in 2024. Ronald Reagan ran 3x before he won. Keep that in mind as you consider it.

At the Jan 6 rally you said you hoped VP Pence would ‘do the right thing’. He didn’t. We will never be 100% sure of his motive but i’m assuming that Pence is not the kind of person who likes to make waves and would rather take the safest route. He simply may not have had the spine to question the election or it’s possible he wasn’t that sure the election was a fraud. Maybe he just didn’t see any way to go forward other than certifying the results. I would not have wanted to be in his shoes at that moment but i wish he would have chanced throwing the election to the Supreme Court. i’m no lawyer though.i have no idea how it would have worked out.

The FBI is still corrupt and as long as Christopher Wray 🐍 is the director at the FBI it will remain corrupt. He should have been fired the day he testified with Rod 🐀RODENTSTEIN. The acting FBI director you appointed did a better job. Should you get a 2nd term Wray needs tossed out the door pronto.Find someone you can REALLY trust who will clean house.

John Durham is a head fake. We were never going to see a report. Bill Barr was a Bush guy. i don’t know how much faith I would ever have put in him. IMHO you would have been better off looking for someone you could REALLY trust. Someone who would clean house at the DOJ. Just like the FBI the DOJ is corrupt and Barr was not the guy to fix it.

I was ambivalent about Julian Assange but given everything we know now you probably should have had him extradited to the United States then pardoned him. When you were granting all the pardons i kept hoping he was included.

DC is a swamp. You had that right. Little did we know how deep and wide it was. In your next term you will have to be a little more cautious about people. Mitch McConnell used you. On the up side you got the appointments to the courts you requested but that is the only time McConnell knew you. He cost us elections. He’s an enigma. One time you think he’s on our side and the next he stabs us in the back. He has stabbed us in the back one too many times and for the little good he’s done-admitting he has done some-it’s not enough to make up for it.We had too many backstabbers. It’s the MO of the swamp.

How bout a Trump-DeSantis ticket? It makes sense. It’s strategically brilliant politically and if DeSantis should ever want to run in the future it sets him up. i can’t see it being anything but a plus for both of you.Mike Pence is a nice guy but i hate to say this except it’s true-his political career ended on Jan 6. The Trump supporters-your very loyal base-will never forget and many will never forgive either. i feel bad for him but what has happened to our country is the result of his unwillingness to stand up against the status quo.We’re still not sure of his motive either;i’m actually giving him the benefit of the doubt. Look at the people who turned out to be swamp creatures. If you pick Pence over De Santis as a running mate i think the key word would BE over. The only way it might fly with Pence [though i highly doubt there’s any redemption]is that the 2 of you would have to have a credible way to justify it. The 2 of you would have to have a reasonable explanation for his decision on Jan 6. So far,I’m not seeing one.

Yes,we miss you. I’m stunned how quickly Biden has wrecked all the good you did for our country.We truly look forward to your next term but you will definitely have an enormous task getting the country on the right track again after he’s done with it. I am certain that if anyone could do it, you could.

Please take the advice i’ve given you as i humbly offer it because i’m out here with the folks and the swamp air does not affect me.When you listen to those ppl who get how DC ‘works’ it spells trouble. Remember,DC does not work.PERIOD. END OF STORY.

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