31 May: Mary’s Queenship, and yet “more Mother than Queen” | Fr. Z’s Blog

31 May is liturgically complicated.  In the traditional calendar it is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary.  In the Novus Ordo, it is the Feast of the Visitation.  Again in the Novus Ordo, Queenship of Mary is on 22 August, which in the TLM calendar is Immaculate Heart.

These mysteries and feasts seem all tangled together, and for good reason.When the angel Gabriel came to Mary he told her that her Son would have the throne of David and that His kingdom would have no end (Luke 1:32-33).If our Lord is our King, then His Mother is our Queen.

In ancient Israel, the mothers of the House of David’s kings were crowned, addressed as Gebirah, “Great Lady”. They sat beside the throne of their royal sons.

Mary’s Queenship is intimately tied to the Kingship of her Son just as Her Immaculate Heart beats in harmony with His Sacred Heart.Mary conceived her King within her Heart, before she carried Him below her Heart, and Her Queenship rests not on her own merits alone, but rather it rests upon the majesty of her divine Son. 

At the conclusion of Dante’s Divina Commedia St Bernard sings of Heaven’s Queen that she is the “daughter of her Son”.And of course, as we remember from the Davidic Kings, of whom Christ is the fulfillment, it was the Mother of the King, not his wife, who was Queen, sat by the King and interceded.  But she will always remain, as Saint Thérèse observed, “more Mother than Queen”.

Source: 31 May: Mary’s Queenship, and yet “more Mother than Queen” | Fr. Z’s Blog

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