Dear President Trump: some things you should know

you are still loved,still supported and known as the People’s President. Many of us know you won the election in a landslide. If it turns out we can’t correct this egregious wrong then we can hope you will run in 2024. Ronald Reagan ran 3x before he won. Keep that in mind as you consider it.

At the Jan 6 rally you said you hoped VP Pence would ‘do the right thing’. He didn’t. We will never be 100% sure of his motive but i’m assuming that Pence is not the kind of person who likes to make waves and would rather take the safest route. He simply may not have had the spine to question the election or it’s possible he wasn’t that sure the election was a fraud. Maybe he just didn’t see any way to go forward other than certifying the results. I would not have wanted to be in his shoes at that moment but i wish he would have chanced throwing the election to the Supreme Court. i’m no lawyer though.i have no idea how it would have worked out.

The FBI is still corrupt and as long as Christopher Wray 🐍 is the director at the FBI it will remain corrupt. He should have been fired the day he testified with Rod 🐀RODENTSTEIN. The acting FBI director you appointed did a better job. Should you get a 2nd term Wray needs tossed out the door pronto.Find someone you can REALLY trust who will clean house.

John Durham is a head fake. We were never going to see a report. Bill Barr was a Bush guy. i don’t know how much faith I would ever have put in him. IMHO you would have been better off looking for someone you could REALLY trust. Someone who would clean house at the DOJ. Just like the FBI the DOJ is corrupt and Barr was not the guy to fix it.

I was ambivalent about Julian Assange but given everything we know now you probably should have had him extradited to the United States then pardoned him. When you were granting all the pardons i kept hoping he was included.

DC is a swamp. You had that right. Little did we know how deep and wide it was. In your next term you will have to be a little more cautious about people. Mitch McConnell used you. On the up side you got the appointments to the courts you requested but that is the only time McConnell knew you. He cost us elections. He’s an enigma. One time you think he’s on our side and the next he stabs us in the back. He has stabbed us in the back one too many times and for the little good he’s done-admitting he has done some-it’s not enough to make up for it.We had too many backstabbers. It’s the MO of the swamp.

How bout a Trump-DeSantis ticket? It makes sense. It’s strategically brilliant politically and if DeSantis should ever want to run in the future it sets him up. i can’t see it being anything but a plus for both of you.Mike Pence is a nice guy but i hate to say this except it’s true-his political career ended on Jan 6. The Trump supporters-your very loyal base-will never forget and many will never forgive either. i feel bad for him but what has happened to our country is the result of his unwillingness to stand up against the status quo.We’re still not sure of his motive either;i’m actually giving him the benefit of the doubt. Look at the people who turned out to be swamp creatures. If you pick Pence over De Santis as a running mate i think the key word would BE over. The only way it might fly with Pence [though i highly doubt there’s any redemption]is that the 2 of you would have to have a credible way to justify it. The 2 of you would have to have a reasonable explanation for his decision on Jan 6. So far,I’m not seeing one.

Yes,we miss you. I’m stunned how quickly Biden has wrecked all the good you did for our country.We truly look forward to your next term but you will definitely have an enormous task getting the country on the right track again after he’s done with it. I am certain that if anyone could do it, you could.

Please take the advice i’ve given you as i humbly offer it because i’m out here with the folks and the swamp air does not affect me.When you listen to those ppl who get how DC ‘works’ it spells trouble. Remember,DC does not work.PERIOD. END OF STORY.

31 May: Mary’s Queenship, and yet “more Mother than Queen” | Fr. Z’s Blog

31 May is liturgically complicated.  In the traditional calendar it is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary.  In the Novus Ordo, it is the Feast of the Visitation.  Again in the Novus Ordo, Queenship of Mary is on 22 August, which in the TLM calendar is Immaculate Heart.

These mysteries and feasts seem all tangled together, and for good reason.When the angel Gabriel came to Mary he told her that her Son would have the throne of David and that His kingdom would have no end (Luke 1:32-33).If our Lord is our King, then His Mother is our Queen.

In ancient Israel, the mothers of the House of David’s kings were crowned, addressed as Gebirah, “Great Lady”. They sat beside the throne of their royal sons.

Mary’s Queenship is intimately tied to the Kingship of her Son just as Her Immaculate Heart beats in harmony with His Sacred Heart.Mary conceived her King within her Heart, before she carried Him below her Heart, and Her Queenship rests not on her own merits alone, but rather it rests upon the majesty of her divine Son. 

At the conclusion of Dante’s Divina Commedia St Bernard sings of Heaven’s Queen that she is the “daughter of her Son”.And of course, as we remember from the Davidic Kings, of whom Christ is the fulfillment, it was the Mother of the King, not his wife, who was Queen, sat by the King and interceded.  But she will always remain, as Saint Thérèse observed, “more Mother than Queen”.

Source: 31 May: Mary’s Queenship, and yet “more Mother than Queen” | Fr. Z’s Blog

An important note to those of you who order Mystic Monk Coffee | Fr. Z’s Blog

May I make a suggestion?First, order some Mystic Monk Coffee or Tea.  The Wyoming Carmelites are building their amazing monastery.NB: If you are using a bookmarked link from my blog to order your Mystic Monk Coffee – which, by the way, is swell – please UPDATE your link.

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Looks like i’ll have to update my link.

PARIS: Attack on a procession honoring Catholics martyred by the Commune | Fr. Z’s Blog

In Paris a couple of days ago there was a procession to honor the Catholic martyrs of the Commune, who were slain 150 years ago on 26 May 1871. Among those killed was the Archbishop of Paris Georges Darboy.The procession was to go to the Church of Notre-Dame-des-Otages (“hostages”), built in honor of the martyrs. It was not to be.The procession was attacked by left-wingers who threw things and assaulted people.

Source: PARIS: Attack on a procession honoring Catholics martyred by the Commune | Fr. Z’s Blog

PHOTOS: U.S. Embassies, Consulates Worldwide Fly ‘Black Lives Matter’ Flag

U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide displayed the flag of Black Lives Matter (BLM) — an organization founded by a self-avowed “trained Marxist” — on Tuesday to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, a black American who died while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota last May.

The U.S. State Department authorized the BLM flag’s display at all U.S. “Diplomatic and Consular posts” on May 25 through a leaked memo published by Human Events.“The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond.

We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism and its continued impact,” the memo read.“This cable constitutes a blanket written authorization for calendar year 2021 from the Under Secretary for Management (M) to display the BLM flag on the external-facing flagpole to any Chiefs of Mission who determine such a display is appropriate in light of local conditions,” the memo further read while noting, “This is an authorization, not a requirement.”

U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia W. Patrick Murphy shared a photo to Twitter on May 24 showing the BLM flag displayed on a fence surrounding the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh.The U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo — the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the formerly communist Balkans — heeded the call by the U.S. State Department and unfurled a large BLM flag over the front of its building.

Greece seemed especially eager to comply with the U.S. State Department’s memo, as the BLM flag was displayed at both the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki and at the U.S. Embassy in Athens. The U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki raised the BLM flag on its official flagpole just under the U.S. national flag.

The U.S. Embassy in Athens draped the BLM flag across the front of its building on so that it completely covered the embassy’s official seal.The U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain hung a large BLM flag from the building’s roof so that it cascaded down the front of the embassy in a prominent and eye-catching fashion.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken shared a video to his official Twitter account on May 25 in which he echoed sentiments expressed in the leaked BLM flag memo.“For the United States to be a credible force for human rights around the world, we have to face the realities of racism and hatred here at home,” Blinken said in the video. “We can’t sweep our shortcomings under the rug or pretend they don’t exist. We need to face them openly and honestly. Even if that’s ugly. Even if that’s painful.”

The U.S. State Department’s authorization of the BLM flag’s display at official U.S. missions in May “and beyond” comes after the department authorized U.S. embassies to raise the LGBT pride flag on the same pole as the U.S. national flag during the month of June, which is considered “pride month” by the LGBT community.“

The flags can be hung before May 17, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and stay up through the end of Pride Month,” a U.S. State Department cable instructed in April. 

Source: PHOTOS: U.S. Embassies, Consulates Worldwide Fly ‘Black Lives Matter’ Flag

(DENMARK) JUST IN: Secret service helped the US spy on European politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2012 to 2014, local media report #AceNewsDesk report ‹ Ace News Services ‹ Reader —

The report follows an investigation by the broadcaster involving interviews with nine sources, all of whom were said to have had access to classified information held by the FE. Along with Mrs Merkel, then-German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and opposition leader at the time Peer Steinbruck were also said to have been targeted.Denmark’s Defence Minister Trine Bramsen, who had reportedly been earlier informed of the espionage, told Danmarks Radio that “systematic wiretapping of close allies is unacceptable”. Neither the FE nor the NSA have yet commented on the latest reports.Following news of the report on Sunday, Mr Snowden accused US President Joe Biden of being “deeply involved in this scandal the first time around”. Mr Biden was US vice-president at the time the reported surveillance took place.

Source: (DENMARK) JUST IN: Secret service helped the US spy on European politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2012 to 2014, local media report #AceNewsDesk report ‹ Ace News Services ‹ Reader —

NSA spying row: Denmark accused of helping US spy on European officials – BBC News

Denmark’s secret service helped the US spy on European politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2012 to 2014, Danish media say.

The Defence Intelligence Service (FE) collaborated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to gather information…

Intelligence was allegedly collected on other officials from Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.Similar allegations emerged in 2013.Then, secrets leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden alleged tapping of the German chancellor’s phone by the NSA.

When those allegations were made, the White House gave no outright denial but said Mrs Merkel’s phone was not being bugged at the time and would not be in future.

Germany is a close ally of the US.German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and a spokesperson for Angela Merkel have said they were not aware of Danish involvement until the DR report, which was shared with other European media over the weekend.

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