This is the Trash They Trend on Twitter

why is anyone still there?

Did you know Donald Trump could send a mob to hang the Vice President of the United States, kill and maim Capitol Police Officers, try to kill members of Congress and he wouldn’t lose any GOP lackeys, save Liz Cheney? #5thAvenueVibes #CancelTrumpism

Originally tweeted by Don Lewis (@DonLew87) on May 30, 2021.

This is one of the reasons i was going to leave Twitter. Jack just made it sooner rather than later. I was banned but that’s neither here nor there now.The point i want to make is that Twitter is still having garbage like that tweet trending nearly every week;usually every day. All approved by Jack Dorsey of course. The man looks like a psycho too and we’re making him powerful if not rich.

Big problem with the tweet. I’ve never seen more ignorant people. They come by with all the media talking points.Most of the time they have no clue what is really going on in the world.

Let’s break down the tweet.

  1. Trump did not send out anyone to do any of things mentioned. He asked the people who were going to the Capitol Building to do so peacefully. There’s video. You can clearly hear him. There were thousands at the rally that day like all of his rallies. If he had incited those ppl to do anything they could have taken over all of DC.
  2. If anyone broke the law they should be given due process and if found guilty sentenced to the term the law prescribes. We weren’t the ones calling to defund the police. Trump never said otherwise and neither do we. We’ve always backed the police. We’ve always believed in law and order. The people tweeting this crap were told that BLM/Antifa were peaceful protestors and they believed it. They saw the same news we did with BLM/Antifa burning down cities, attacking police officers, vandalizing federal property,trying to storm the White House, tearing down monuments etc. Yet, they still believed those were peaceful protestors because the Marxist media told them they were.Bet they didn’t know Biden-Harris were bailing them out either. Biden is letting illegals-people breaking the law-flood into our country. You’re telling me Biden respects the law? Why is the FBI pursuing the people at the Capitol Building like a bunch of mad dogs and barely saying a peep about BLM/Antifa?
  3. Trump held numerous rallies. Not one turned violent.
  4. These ppl don’t know what actual ‘trumpisms’ are. America First is a trumpism. Law and order is a trumpism. Our citizens come before the citizens of other countries is a trumpism. Smaller government, less crushing regulations, lower taxes-all trumpisms.Standing with Israel is a trumpism. Less entanglements in foreign conflicts is a trumpism; put another way, let’s not get involved in endless wars is a trumpism. Peace through strength is a trumpism.
  5. Trump didn’t incite violence that day but i can post video after video of the Democrats and their cohorts inciting violence that began the day Trump was sworn into office. In their own words. i can post video of the Jan 6 rally for you to hear what Trump actually said-no edits.
  6. Liz Cheney is their hero now. They hated her father. They didn’t think too highly of her either, until recently. They’ll eventually turn on her again. It’s how they roll.
  7. why aren’t they talking about the fantastic things Biden is doing for the country? They voted for him. All 81 million of them. They aren’t,because they can’t.

i wish now i had grabbed some of the other tweets but not to worry. In a few days, when this one has run its course, they’ll come up with another doozy.

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