Those Boots(Memorial Day)

Memorial Day,the day we remember the soldiers who died in battle for freedom. They didn’t go into battle being woke. They didn’t leave their families,put on the uniform and train from dusk till dawn getting ready to go to war because you had 2 mommies or wanted an equal outcome in your life. They died to save the world and our country from tryanny. They didn’t fight that battle for you to bring tyranny to our own shores. They trained to kill the enemy so we didn’t have to. They trained well enough and looked over their shoulder for their fellow soldier in the hope they could both come home alive. Many didn’t. They didn’t join to work out their problems. The ones that did make it home alive always stand for the anthem with their hand over their heart because they know what it means to sacrifice everything for the country they love. Memorial Day-the day we pay tribute and honor those who gave their lives, mostly on foreign soil. This is our great United States military. Great because of the people who serve. For that reason alone it’s time for the nonsense to end. Seriously,-take your b—s—elsewhere Biden. It doesn’t belong here.
Those Boots
you struck fear in the hearts of our enemies
so you could protect our land
family boys who parted our shores
to return to their homes as men
You saw things that none of us here should see
to make sure we would wake up proud and free
but more than that you saved people you didn’t know
from brutal tyranny
you lost limbs,you lost friends,you lost some of your soul
know that your sacrifice was tough as hell but just
it’s why only we say those beautiful words in God We Trust
too many paid the ultimate toll
our thank you for all that you did and still do is insufficient & small
so you should wear the uniform with pride and wherever you go stand tall
you left to do battle that none of us will
in our place you filled boots we could never fill
we will never forget the honor you’re due
living and deceased. thank you!

those boots

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