Since It’s A Big Deal I Will Go There

Vax or no Vax-talk to YOUR pcp. You decide for yourself . My husband decided to get vaccinated and i decided not to rush into it.I need more info. The truth is i don’t have contact with a lot of people and am never in crowds so i don’t see the need to rush given the circumstances.

Mask-make up your own mind. I never wear one except where it is required ie doctor’s office.Covid-19 interferes with breathing. It can kill you. Here’s the dope on masks.

Fauci-after what we’ve learned he should be replaced.

Money for virus study in China-over. done.not a dime.Nobody should be fooling with this stuff.

The noveau coronavirus, Covid 19- not a hoax. The virus was created in the Wuhan Lab. Where it was designed-no idea. Is that also done in the lab?

The Wuhan wet market should still be shut down. Covid 19 did NOToriginate in the wet market. Not what i’m saying here. There was no animal to human transmission.

Someone was creating it in a lab.However,given the conditions at these Chinese wet markets it may not be long before there is another deadly virus that would jump from animal to human.

That’s it. All i have to say on the topic. Feel free to add your .02.

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