Do the Republicans Want to Win In 2022?

Silly question right? Of course they do. It’s like the question Malone asks Ness in The Untouchables,if he wants to beat Capone. Ness is determined to get Capone so why is Malone even asking.Malone replies, and what are you prepared to do? That’s the question i have for the Republicans.

I’m not a consultant but if they’re willing to listen then i don’t think they can go wrong.First, there’s what we have to do. Primary the 35 imbeciles that voted to help out the Democrats with the “insurrection” investigation. I’m not telling you folks anything you don’t already know. Along with them,Susan Collins,Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney.The first 2 are Democrats in hiding and Romney is a Never Trumper with a grudge.

Breaking. Update

Here are the 6 Republican senators who voted with the Democrats in favor of a January 6 commission:

  • Collins
  • Murkowski
  • Romney
  • Cassidy
  • Sasse
  • Portman

Someone could challenge McConnell. He definitely needs replaced. Kevin McCarthy isn’t anyone to write home about either, but we could get by with him if we have to. McConnell has cost races. McConnell was nothing but a Trump back stabber.Why doesn’t he do the right thing and retire? McCarthy? The jury can stay out for the time being. He backed Liz Cheney far too long. Maybe he was trying to give her a chance to redeem herself? My question is why on earth did she get that position in the first place? I’m ambivalent when it comes to McCarthy. You tell me what you make of him. Boehner and Ryan were THE worst. They sure know how to pick em-NOT.

The 35 plus 3 MUST go. If we get even half of them out the door that works.All would be a real victory.

Step 2 is on the Republicans in Congress. Quit supporting the Dems and drop the talk about bi-partisanship. Any Republican running in 2022 who expresses the desire to ‘work across the aisle’ or the other way they put it ‘working with anyone willing to work with us’ is toast. You tell us you’re maga and willing to stand with us or don’t waste our time.

It was not an insurrection. PERIOD. I shouldn’t have to explain it to the GOP.

The Democrat party is Marxist and Joe is no moderate. You shouldn’t be afraid to say that-it’s true.

All you have to do is point out the successes of the Trump presidency and the failures of Biden. Trump sent ‘mean tweets’. We don’t care. He wasn’t mean. He was brutally honest which brings me to the next point.

The media is not your friend. They’re job is to put out propaganda for the Marxists. Paul Ryan was appointed to Fox Corp.’s board of directors. Ryan and Romney were losers. Ryan is a Never Trumper. There are several at Fox. Watch your back at Fox.

Radio is the way to go if you want to get your message out. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are doing the Republican party a service by taking the America First rally out on the road to the people. These 2 know how to deliver a message. They’re not timid.

Your ads have to get to the point. Your ads should be pro Trump or at least pro maga and make a stark comparison to the Biden Marxist agenda. Echo the words of Trump,”America will never be a socialist country”. Joe is giving you a lot of ammo.He’s corrupt. Don’t be afraid to say that. The Democrats are so power hungry they are giving you tons of ammo.

The Republicans don’t have to vote for Joe’s appointments because they want to be nice. If they aren’t qualified don’t vote for them.

Finally, you make sure the legislatures in the states that threw the election to Biden get their elections cleaned up. If there aren’t honest elections in 2022 you will see a repeat of 2020.Bottom line; don’t let them cheat. There are election laws. Kemp and Ducey kissed Stacy Abrams butt. Some Republicans they are. Trump was our President. You don’t see the Democrats doing this to their own,ever. Remember Republicans, you had a great President in office. A man who started a movement. A President who did what he said he would do. Have no doubt there’s a lot to be proud of. You dismiss our great President, you dismiss us. That’s all the people ask of their representatives in office. Do what you said you would do,not what you think you have to say to get elected. Those days are over.

Corportate media is not your friend. Trump had it right. They’re an enemy of the people.

Here’s the biggest difference

we noticed
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is donald-j-trump-45.png
Our President

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