it’s the ccp virus because it was caused by the ccp regime

Pres Trump did not cause the ccp virus. If we’d rather blame our own President over a communist regime we ARE in trouble. The people on that side are a-holes. The people on this side should not have to put up with them. What really amazes me is that when Pres Trump said the new coronavirus came from a lab they mocked him. When it was coming to light in the public that it was from a lab they said it was Trump’s fault we didn’t investigate. They do know there’s video, right?

It’s great how the mentally absent Biden is patting himself on the back for the Covid response and vaccine. It was all in place before he stepped foot in the White House. Everyone knows this-does the media think we have amnesia? What a start to 2021. Biden is killing off the economy, letting the Middle East go to hell in a handbasket,allowing China and Iran to walk all over us,forcing critical race and gender theory into our institutions including the military;which trust me he’ll decimate in less than a year while giving out incoherent speeches where he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.

Doesn’t stop the media from falling all over him. When the people left the Trump rally and headed for the Capitol Building they wasted their time protesting there. It should have been at the cable news networks. That’s where the real power is-there and big tech. BTW. Anyone broke the law at the Capitol Building they should get due process(they’re not)and go to prison if they are found guilty. I do not support defunding the police. We have to maintain law and order and that includes putting the guilty in prison for a just amount of time. So no, i do not support or advocate for violence. Civil disobedience, yes. Self-defense, yes. Violence, no. Dr Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement in the 60’s and strongly believed in non violence as a means to achieve the goal.

Me? i’m hoping for a military coup by our own military when they’ve had enough of the crazy and the constitution being trashed for Marxism. They can always establish free and fair elections and right the course.

So unless that happens it’s crazy time in the U.S. now with crazy leader and crazy supporters. At least until 2022 and 24.

On the up side there has been enough people vaccinated in our state that the mask mandate will be lifted. The Mayo Clinic said months ago if we could reach 70% with the covid vaccinations that herd immunity could be established. Looks like we made it. Truth is,i never wore a mask except as required by the Dr office.

My husband and i went out to Cleveland when the virus first showed up in the U.S. and Fauci was saying not to worry. We took an uber to the train, got a ride from the station to a hotel,a shuttle to the Clinic and spent all day at the Clinic among people, including at a restaurant. No masks.We took the train home and a friend picked us up. We even stopped for breakfast. No masks. A day after we were back the pandemic had picked up steam and everyone realized it was a little more dangerous-and contagious-than they had thought. We still didn’t don the masks but we made the conscious decision, without gov’t persuasion, to self isolate for weeks. We were vulnerable due to age and serious health issues. Self isolation made sense. Meantime Cuomo in NY state decided to put the vulnerable people in nursing homes with other vulnerable people and the outcome was tragic as hell. i recall how Pres Trump bent over backwards to help him and Gov Newsome of California combat the virus. Whatever they needed, they got. Cuomo is blaming Trump now.

Why don’t we just say it. Everything Biden does is 100% fantastic and everything Trump did was 100% terrible even if the two outcomes of their policies couldn’t be further apart. Biden crashing the economy and trashing foreign policy and Trump setting historic records with a booming economy and becoming energy independent plus finding peace in the Middle East after decades of failed policies. The media will tell you how fantastic Biden is and how terrible Trump was. Repeat after them. They’re journalists and they’ve done their homework.

When it all comes down around you, remember who lied to you.Who looked right at the American people and gaslit you into accepting Marxism and/or caused a race war with skyrocketing crime.At fault: the media first and foremost putting out propaganda not for your candidate, for THEIR candidate. Biden just does what he’s told. The media is the most responsible.

I’m no mask nazi. i don’t care what you decide to do. i think they offer some protection but not as much as people think. No, they do NOT inhibit breathing. Get an 02 meter and tell me if your oxygen has dropped much, if at all. The mask never inhibited my freedom. i will give you they were uncomfortable to look at visually. They spoke volumes that things weren’t normal. They screamed our way of life changed even if momentarily. i think psychologically they played on our psyches but physically they did not hinder breathing. I’m a free person mask or no mask. If it kept another person from getting ill it was the least i could do but i’m still not sure they did more good than keeping a distance did. Was the virus airborne? Most likely. When it’s all said and done maybe we’ll know way more about this virus than when we started. They will have to carefully look at all the data.

As for the vaccine-again your call- talk to YOUR pcp first. I’m not anti vax. My husband decided he was too high a risk not to have it. He’s a grown man. He didn’t need me to tell him what to do and he certainly didn’t need the government to give him an order.

I’ve decided i don’t have enough contact with a lot of people to warrant it. Look,given the nature of this virus there aren’t a lot of options. No, it was not a hoax. The virus is real and it’s man made. The Chinese government already unleashed other viruses on us, why not one with an extra more deadly and contagious spike protein added in.

They’re not our pals. They’re Joe Biden’s and the Biden family’s besties,but not ours.

It was not animal to human transmission. I still think the wet markets of China need closed down before we DO get an animal to human transmission of a virus but this one was made in the lab DELIBERATELY. There’s no way on earth it happened otherwise.

I’m more concerned with all the crap going on in our country with a guy who can hardly speak a coherent sentence and makes no sense when he does. This is the guy pretending to lead it. They let him come out once in awhile but he’s not allowed to take questions. Sometimes he slips up and starts before they get a chance to whisk him off. He’s supposedly our President and they won’t own up to any of this. They’re too busy gaslighting the gullible and/or the willing.

Worse, he’s corrupt and the Chinese own him. Everything they accuse Trump of he’s done or doing. They want to indict Trump and imprison him so he can’t run again. Tells you everything you need to know. They would do that to a President who did so much good for our country. Biden was selling out the office of VP to our adversaries and getting away with it. That’s just for starters; not counting in spygate.

Yep, it’s crazy time folks. There is one bright spot. Someday it will catch up with them and they’ll see where crazy got them. I prefer our liberty & sanity.

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