Did 81 Million People REALLY Vote For this Guy?

Given what i saw on election night i have to say no. Let’s just suppose you did vote Biden so you think you’re one of the 81 million crowd-you would say yes.

Someday i’ll know for sure one way or the other.We don’t all feel assured he won and won honestly but he is in the White House and he was certified on Jan 6,2021.We do know that.

IF i were you and voted Biden i’d be hoping they find it’s fake. i definitely would not be proud of that vote.

So what terrific thing has Joe done since he was sworn in?

You got your stimulus check. You would have gotten one under Trump anyway and Pelosi held it up so scratch that one off.

He’s killed jobs and he’s going to kill more in the fuel industry. Is that a big deal or not?

Meanwhile Biden cleared the way for Putin’s pipeline. You’re ok with that?

Inflation and rising gas prices(or vice versa). No problem?

Gun grab, violating the 2nd amendment?

Censorship of opponents?(Freedom of speech, assembly and press) Is it worth helping out your guy?

Defund the police? What about the rise in crime?

Renewing the Iran Nuke deal Good idea?

How about the fact that Joe is in mental decline? You don’t see it or you don’t care?

Open border? Take note: Biden put his VP in charge of the border. She has yet to go down there. Joe certainly isn’t going to go anywhere near it.

Joe’s MO. Create Crisis, walk off, ignore and point the finger at Trump.

Now the Democrats are trying to end the filibuster. They haven’t learned yet. When you do stuff like that it’s great while you’re in power but what happens when the other side gets to use it. They’ll love it now and hate it then.

The Lunch Bucket Crook was supposed to be a moderate. What? A moderate Marxist tool? Have you checked out the appointments? They’re all hard core ideologues. They like Karl Marx. You voted for this. Wouldn’t it have been simpler just to move to Cuba or Venezuela where it’s already a form of government and just left us alone. Serious.

Please tell me why you voted for Joe. You liked his policies? He didn’t have any. He was a Senator for years and i can’t think of 1 thing he did. Obama picked him for 8 yr as a corrupt useless VP. Ask Clarance Thomas how fairly Joe treated him. I remember the high tech lynching. They’re still at it.

The media falling all over him even when he insults them is enough to make you want to vomit. When they’re not falling all over him they’re killing themselves to cover up his scandals.

I can’t believe anyone with half a brain cell voted for this.Inflation,high crime, back to energy dependence after Trump had us booming[energy independent;we were actually exporting fuel],indoctrination in our schools and military, high gas prices and shortages of goods kicking in. ON and ON. No good news to speak of.

Even foreign leaders know Joe is running on empty.It’s too obvious.The media can’t hide it anymore because the campaign is over. It’s a little harder to hide when you’re Pres and have to make an appearance now & then. IF he actually won 81 million votes-which i highly doubt-that’s a darned sad commentary on our country.

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