NYC Mayor. The Republican candidates.Sliwa-Imbecile.Not impressed.All mouth.

Curtis Sliwa is running to become the Rep candidate for NYC mayor and it’s a waste of time. Mateo is the better candidate. Better than Bill de Blasio – not that it would take much. Checked em both out-be sure to search them out- and am convinced Mateo is the better candidate especially if Trump runs again in 2024. Still if Trump doesn’t run, we want a MAGA candidate not a snipe like Sliwa. He would be a thorn in our side and the liberal media would fall all over him. I’d rather the Democrat won than have Sliwa win. It’s NYC and NY state and its basically a Democrat stronghold anyway. Look,if we can give Mateo a win THEN we can try to give the Dems a run for the money. We can’t count on Sliwa. He’s too all over the map. It sounds like he’s ahead. God forbid this guy wins. I’m sorry…he’s an imbecile and he only recently decided to run as a Republican. Heard him on Mark Levin. Not impressed.

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