MTG’s comment was ignorant,NOT anti Semitic *and other lunacy

Marjorie Taylor Green used a horrid comparison to make a point. She’s usually an excellent speaker but she didn’t give this comment any thought. It was a 10+ on the ignorant scale but not anti semitic. Green was trying to compare Covid restrictions/guidelines with atrocities the Jews suffered in Nazi Germany. There is no comparison,but the comment did not disparage Jews either. MJT has never been anti semitic but someone does need to explain to her why this comment was insensitive. Rule of thumb #1. Never overdo hyperbole.

That said,the left can’t stand her because she isn’t intimidated by them and the GOPe can’t stand her because she refuses to stop confronting the left.Meantime there has been in a real troubling rise in anti semitism and attacks on Jews in the U.S. The Democrats are anti semitic. They openly support Hamas and the rocket attacks on Israel. They’re saying Green should resign-they always say that about Republicans. Yet,when a Democrat says anything that is blatantly anti semitic they get a pass. They said Trump should resign too. They think everyone should resign,but them.


They won’t even censure their own. So why do Republicans help the Dems attack our own?

That’s just for starters. Plenty more from the Democrat party. I believe that one clip of her comments to date is enough to make the point. What do we see now because of the propaganda machine of the Democrat’s media?
Remember the Iran nuclear treaty Trump killed.Biden reversed this-went back to appeasement-and is giving money to Iran(again) which in turn FUNDS terrorist organizations such as Hamas plus gets them closer to their nuclear ambitions. Does he know it’s not his money? The tax payer foots the bill and has no say. As in, no taxation without representation.

They’re the same ppl calling Jan 6 an insurrection and demanding a 9/11 commission on it; the Republicans better have the cajones to tell them to pound sand. So far 35 Republicans took the Dems side and Susan Collins did the usual in the Senate. She’s never been a Republican.The names have been listed and they need replaced. They’re toxic. We need warriors.

An insurrection is the Marxist BLM and anarchist Antifa burning down cities all during 2020. They attacked Federal Buildings,removed monuments without a public vote and tried to attack the White House. They assaulted police officers and innocent bystanders.They made it clear they wanted to remove the legitimately elected President Trump by any means necessary. BLM is still making demands, pressuring corporations and intimidating the public.Both resort to violence. They were armed. That IS an insurrection and i kept hoping Pres Trump would deem it an insurrection and send in troops. He should have-he didn’t. The director at DOD,Esper, gave Trump public push back. Me? i’d have advised Trump to do it anyway.Esper was not the CIC.

Yes, black lives matter. i don’t need a MARXIST organization to tell me that.

Jan 6 was not an insurrection and we don’t need a commission to investigate. That’s what law enforcement is for. It seems law enforcement does not want to be transparent with the public about the 6th. They want to investigate and spy on Trump supporters but they don’t want to answer questions about the 6th.For one the people involved were not armed. Two, there weren’t enough people compared to the huge crowd that had gathered to overthrow any government. If this was an insurrection it was poorly planned and a little late to the game. BLM and Antifa had been trying all year.

One young lady,35 yr old vet Alisha Babbitt was killed. She was unarmed. She was shot and nobody is getting answers about her.They only want to look into Trump and Trump supporters.Anything else,don’t ask.

Do i condone what they did that day? i never condone law breaking. Was it an insurrection? Hardly. Did Trump incite any such thing? Nope. Thousands upon thousands attended his rallies. If he were inciting riots or even an insurrection 1. it would have happened a long time ago. 2. there’d be enough ppl to take over ALL of DC. The Democrats are as desperate to take down Trump now as they were in 2016 [from day one] and they used a LIE for 3 yrs to try it the first time.

If i were going to attempt an insurrection-and i’m NOT-it wouldn’t have been an attack on the Capitol Bldg or even in DC . The corrupt media is a bigger threat. A tyrant needs propaganda. The state run media is more than willing to help Biden and he’s the biggest threat to our country. PLEASE do not call fake President Joe an ‘existential’ threat. He’s a danger to our Republic PERIOD.

Hello Congressional Republicans. You there? Mitch McConnell is still the leader of the uni party. Why is he STILL the Senate Majority Leader? Susan Collins is going to vote for the commission. No surprise there. She’s a Democrat claiming to be a Republican.

Now the media is accusing Pres Trump of covering up for the Wuhan lab in China. The same media that mocked him for suggesting the coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab in China. What’d they do-forget there’s video?

Since the Republicans are too weak to say anything i’ll say it for us.

We know Trump won the election in a landslide on Nov 3,2020. Trust me,the Democrats know too. Biden-maybe. It’s hard to tell how much awareness he has but the rest of the Democrats know as well as we do. The election audits are getting a lot of opposition from the Democrats. If Biden won why are they worried? You would think they’d want it put to rest. They protest too much.They also fear he will run again in 2024. Be prepared. They will do anything to stop him. Keep an eye on them.Note that they always fall in line. They stick up for their own no matter what they do. They have the advantage of media propaganda in that regard. The Republicans will vote with the Democrats. The Democrats will rarely if ever vote with the Republicans.

They’ll support Biden no matter how terrible he is. The Republicans will attack Trump with the Democrats even with the great job he did. We have to weed out the weak from the warriors. We better get some good challengers up for 2022. BTW,don’t be afraid to contact these weak kneed Republicans. Let them know you’re MAGA and support Trump.

The triumph of Thomas Sowell by John Steele Gordon | The New Criterion

On Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell, by Jason L. Riley.Thomas Sowell is one of the towering American intellectuals of our time.

An economist trained at the University of Chicago and a social theorist of the first rank, he has been a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University since 1980.

He has written an astonishing fifty books (if you count revised and expanded editions), numerous essays, and a long-running, twice-a-week newspaper column.

Extraordinarily wide ranging, he has covered everything from the rudiments of economics to race relations, the housing crisis of 2008 to late-talking children.

His best known book, Basic Economics (2000), a best-selling, chart-, graph-, and jargon-free introduction to the subject, is now in its fifth edition and has been translated into seven languages.No less an authority than Milton Friedman, who taught Sowell at the University of Chicago, has said that

“The word ‘genius’ is thrown around so much that it’s becoming meaningless, but nevertheless I think Tom Sowell is close to being one.”

So it’s about time for there to be a biography of this remarkable man, although it should be noted that Maverick is far more an intellectual biography than a personal one.1 And we should be grateful to Jason L. Riley for writing a very good one.

Riley is the author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed (Encounter). He is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist at The Wall Street Journal.

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