The CCP Virus

i don’t get into the topic too often simply because i don’t have a medical degree and lack the data to make a good call on anything. i refuse to add to any misinformation when there’s enough out there already. If it’s a doctor who’s trustworthy i share the info-you make up your own mind after that. What i’m going to talk about re the CCP virus here is from a little different perspective.

It’s Real

Nothing about masks, nothing about vaccine’s, nothing about Fauci. Before we jump into the commentary let me be clear; i do NOT believe the virus is a hoax. It would have to be such an elaborate scheme involving far too many people to be a hoax that it simply couldn’t be done without the cat getting out of the bag. President Trump caught it. Herman Cain caught it and died. I know of people personally who have caught it. I also know of people who insisted it was a hoax until they were infected. They quickly changed their minds. It’s real. It’s extremely contagious(or it wouldn’t be a pandemic)and it can be fatal. You don’t die a comfortable death either. I wanted to get that out of the way because i don’t want to hear it’s a hoax even one more time. You can argue about masks,vaccine’s and Fauci all you like but i refuse to get into a conspiracy theory about it being a hoax. Wish it were.

The Bat

when the U.S. started to take the virus very seriously there was a lot of talk about the wet markets in China. The theory was a bat infected a customer from the Wuhan wet market. Another words,it was transmitted from an animal to a human. The Wuhan wet market is notorious for its weird disgusting menu and getting infected by a virus from the animals there would not be a stretch. On the other hand there was something lacking in the story. Almost everything except speculation. How long have bats been around? There were no reports of bats being in the market either, especially a particular bat. There is an ABANDONED cave in southern China that has bats & they considered it could be the culprit. Some obscure cave in Southern China is a far cry from the Wuhan wet market. The bat story was around for awhile then it suddenly vanished. Lindsey Graham was talking about shutting down the wet markets after it made the news. All for that,but i honestly wasn’t assured the wet market was the epicenter for this virus. Could be,but nobody was finding anything to back that up.

I wrote this blog entry back in March of 2020;it was closer to that time [when] i felt certain the virus came from a lab and not a wet market in Wuhan. Suspected it for awhile and certain enough to write an entry saying as much:

I did have a high opinion of the Coronavirus task force early on,even Dr Fauci. In fact,i was adamant that if there were ever a vaccine my husband and i would get it. For now, husband has decided he will and i’m not that certain anymore for a host of reasons. I’m not opposed to it but i’m not prepared to get it at this point. Our situation may be different than yours so don’t use our decisions as a guidepost. As for Dr Fauci and that crew; i’m not as critical as some people are because nobody knew a hell of a lot about the virus early on, BUT i’m not on the Fauci bandwagon anymore either.Give him credit where credit is due,write him off where it’s not due.

Occam’s Razor

The Wuhan wet market bat story didn’t go anywhere. The bat cave in southern China story didn’t get very far either. We’re making an assumption it’s transmitted from a bat to human. Ok,how about looking at the virus. What do we have here? Why is this so contagious? Why is it so deadly? How did we end up with a pandemic? What don’t we know?

With the Noveau(new)virus it was

“things we do not know we don’t know.”

What i’ve read so far about Sars 1 and Mers is that they were a transmission from animal to human. They are all corona(crown)viruses.The virus has a crown. You’ve probably seen the images. It really does. The common cold is a coronavirus.

The noveau(new)coronavirus shares similarities to SARS 1 but there are some differences that make the new virus unique. It wouldn’t be a huge mistake to think the new virus was a transmission between an animal-bat-and a human because that’s how the previous outbreaks started; with an animal to human transmission. I just think it would be a huge mistake to ASSUME the transmission came from a bat when there wasn’t much evidence supporting the assumption but there is also 1 factor that caught my attention.

It’s the spike protein of Covid. Evidently it’s distinctive. Red flag.I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a scientist. I have a basic lay person understanding of these viruses and probably couldn’t tell you more than you already know but that got my attention. You couple that with the WHO and the CCP trying to cover up until they couldn’t get away with it is enough to make one suspicious.

There’s a lab in Wuhan but supposedly there was this bat in the Wuhan wet market that you would have to get from this abandoned cave in south China. I’m no genius but sounds fishy doesn’t it? Here’s where you go with Occam’s Razor.

Not Here to Provide Medical Info

If you go back to the early posts in my blog and read the entries re Covid it wasn’t too long after the outbreak i started to question the bat story and was looking more at the lab than the market. i have never done a lot of entries re Covid-19 because i don’t know a great deal about it and am reluctant to give people medical information. That’s a big responsibility and people want accurate info.I want accurate info. Not opinions, politics or conspiracy theories.

i’m not a mask nazi.You make up your own mind whether you will wear one or not. I see people burning them and declaring their freedom. i never associated wearing a mask with lack of freedom in the first place.

i didn’t like it but i didn’t like the idea of getting covid either. When my husband and i came back home from Cleveland (Ohio)we self isolated for several weeks. No one told us we had to. We made the decision on our own.

i will never pressure anyone into getting the vaccine or scare them out of it. My advice is, talk to your own pcp who knows your medical history and has a personal relationship with you.

If you trust your pcp that’s who you want to talk to. What i’m focused on here is the origin of the virus and its implications. Let’s not shame people into getting a vaccine or shame them into not getting it. It is a big decision for anyone.

Just Stop!

i came to one conclusion; nobody but nobody should be playing around with these viruses in any lab. PERIOD.

This one has a unique spike protein-a distinctive protein-and that tells me one thing. Someone was deliberately playing around with it and had no good intentions. Let’s suppose you did want to investigate this IN CASE there were ever an outbreak.

Seems justifiable, right? The first question i would ask before even attempting it is, what are the chances such a spike protein would ever show up? If the chances are slim why try it? The question i have as a lay person is wouldn’t the person who was playing around with it KNOW what such a protein might do? If they know then there’s no reason to create it.

You would have to know it’d be contagious so the best defense would be the same defense for the SARS 1. What’s the point then? You could then jump to 1 of 2 conclusions; the virus escaped the lab accidentally or the virus escaped the lab purposely.

I am still of the mind that nobody should be playing around with this stuff PERIOD and for some reason there wasn’t enough oversight on our side of the deal while all this was going on. Nobody should be playing around with anything that could be used as a biological weapon no matter how many safeguards are up. i’m not seeing the justification for it. Worse,the WHO covered for China when the CCP can’t be trusted.

That’s where i’m at with it. Wear a mask,don’t wear a mask. I don’t care. It’s not a political matter. i’m a free person mask or no mask. Vaccinate or not vaccinate-that’s a big decision only you can make. A dangerous virus with a spike protein that has distinctive capabilities-that i am concerned about.

It’s NOT Real

The ‘theory’ that the virus came out of nowhere is not real. In fact, that’s nonsense.

Fauci said as much, claiming it started “naturally”.

You don’t get a coronavirus with a distinctive protein just popping up out of thin air. You’d have to be pretty gullible to fall for that one.

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