A Call to Our Military.Defend our constitution,defend our citizens,protect our freedom.

Remember when Pres Trump declared in his sotu address that the United States would never become a socialist(Marxist)country? Nancy Pelosi looked furious. As angry as i’ve ever seen her. She wasn’t angry because he was implying the Democrats were socialist. She was angry because he stood in the way. Everything these ppl have done has violated our Constitution.Spying on our own citizens, leaking sensitive/classified info, letting people in their own party commit felonies while accusing the other party and Trump of what they are doing.

They let Antifa/ BLM get away with murder for a year but we had a 35 yr old unarmed female VET shot at the Capitol and nobody is saying anything. There are people locked up in solitary confinement with no end in sight;just like they did to Paul Manafort. Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and she got off for lack of intent. In fact, they let her run for President. They wanted her to win so badly they acted in ways only a 3rd world country would act.

Our kids,your kids, our grandchildren,your grandchildren are being indoctrinated with Marxist ideology and sexually perverted ideas. Now you in the military are being subjected to this garbage. If you speak out-they’ll send you packing.The Biden administration is calling their political opponents terrorists. For now it’s us but that could be your parents,your family and even you. We’re losing our country;just like Venezuela lost theirs and if something isn’t done soon we will not get it back. Fortunately, unlike Venezuela,we have always stood up for our 2nd amendment rights [for this very reason].

Who agrees with their Marxist Anti American crap?

They support Hamas/Iran

Remember how the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust & the Jewish people were promised never again? What happened to that?

We now have anti semites from other countries,give them all the benefits of our free and beautiful country but they want the Jews killed just as much as Hitler did. They won’t say that but they may as well. When did Hamas cease to be a terrorist organization funded by Iran [and from time to time by the U.S.] that wants all the Jews killed and Israel wiped off the map. They pay the families of people willing to commit suicide as long as they take out the Jews with them. And you’re worried about their lives when they don’t mind taking their own?

Last i knew Hamas attacked Israel and the media is siding with Hamas.Do they not understand what Hamas is? Do they not get how this war started? Did they forget the words, never again?

BTW,if Trump were still in office none of this would be happening.Hamas/Iran knew better.

Biden will give them more money just like Obama did. Biden will go back into the failed and suicidal Iran deal. It’s called appeasement and it has NEVER worked. Iran will use the money again to fund terrorism and work on their nuclear program. They never use it to help their own citizens.

Wait till they try nuclear blackmail.

They whine about Election Integrity,Yet They’re Anxious to Destroy It

They don’t want voter id because it prevents cheating. It’s that simple. They ignored the Constitution and broke state laws during the 2020 election. These people aren’t the least bit interested in election integrity.They passed HR1 which basically gives the green light for fraud. Read it.

Defund the Police

There’s a great idea. If you can’t abolish the police,effectively do it by defunding them. Do they even believe in civil society or should we all live by mob rule? They support Antifa and BLM. Apparently we should all live by mob rule.

Use our government agencies (FBI,IRS,CIA,DOJ & State)to target political opponents

Who thinks this is ok? We can no longer trust any of them.

I’m just scratching the surface too. There’s the insanity of critical race theory, the nonsense about gender, the slow destruction of the nuclear family and wrecking battle preparedness in the military. The new FBI and Army recruiting ads are a disgrace. Nobody is going to want to enlist in the military or apply at the FBI.

The best thing that could happen to our country right now is a military coup and a free and fair election scheduled asap. I may as well say it as think it.

Post Script: add this to a list of good reasons for a military coup. https://americafirst.blog/2021/05/24/sunday-talks-former-dni-ratcliffe-discusses-joebamas-ongoing-failures-of-foreign-policy-the-last-refuge/

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