Same ol,same ol on Twitter

If you’re a conservative or independent on Twitter and think for a minute anything different will trend on twitter you’re either delusional or haven’t been on twitter long enough. i had 10k followers over there. Since jack gave me the boot it’s dropped to ZERO and my Trump banner has vanished. They leave you the ‘privilege’ of reading everything and responding to nothing. They will let you appeal but they will not tell you what you did to be appealed and there’s nobody to actually appeal to. The replies you get are all automated.

Not to worry. The lefties get away with everything and whatever they work at getting trended…trends.

This morning it was the same ol. They found a Trump supporter to attack. They started out with a hashtag #Rudysphones (something like that). They forget that Hillary Clinton smashed all her phones and bleached her hard drive destroying any evidence they might have contained. It’s a felony but who cares? The FBI looked the other way. They looked the other way on plenty of crimes she committed. Lack of intent Comey said.If you’re a Trump supporter you get the swat team. The Twitter lefties conveniently overlooked the FBI raid on Rudy’s office where they confiscated all electronics except Hunter Biden’s hard drive- in violation of attorney/client privilege. It’s also wrong because the FBI didn’t have a crime to investigate.The lefties don’t get that. No comprehension.

You discover a crime first then look for a suspect or perpetrator. You don’t target a person then look for a crime. It’s how it’s done in the United States; how it’s supposed to be done.

On the upside,Rudy is no longer trending. They found another Trump supporter to attack. Brian Williams gave the useful idiots a heads up.

Brooklyn Dad has never put up a tweet that the mainstream media hasn’t given him orders to do. He never does any research and never comes up with anything original. Once his tweet is out there the lemmings line up.

Now Ted Cruz is a Russian agent. The Obama admin approved of selling 20% of U.S. yellow cake[uranium] to Russia,Biden is letting the Russian pipeline open to Europe but everybody and his brother/sister that supported Trump is a Russian agent.

Yeah, raise your hand if you’re going to do what Brian William tells you to do. Remember, the left has always respected our military(sarcasm). Williams and his brilliant viewers don’t understand that Cruz wasn’t praising the Russian military and disrespecting our soldiers like Biden did-he was making a point most people get. Do we have to explain it to them?

Same ol twitter.

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