Either America has gone socialist or the libs support their own more.Which is it?

Mark Levin’s American Marxism has dropped to #14 while Stacey Abams,Oprah Winfrey and other liberals have shot to the top of the Amazon book list. This means one of 2 things or both. America has gone socialist or the liberals are really stepping up to the plate for their own. They get how important it is;that ideas matter.

Irresistible Revolution has dropped to #40. I can’t believe Stacey Abrams and other liberals are at the top. Mark Levin writes the best books and this one’s a FIRST EDITION at discount if you pre-order.

I was stunned and quite frankly disappointed.I already pre-ordered mine and hope to pre-order more soon.I couldn’t believe this important work started to tank and landed-so far-at 14. Beat by Stacey Abrams? The left really does know what to do and why it matters. We can certainly beat these people and get both books back where they belong. They have to be worth reading and sharing with family and friends. i can’t wait to get my FIRST EDITION! I can’t wait to pre-order for my family next. We have a message to send.

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