Don Lemon: What A REAL Reporter Does

This is a blog. It obviously supports Pres Trump. I write commentary and opinion from time to time.Most of the time i scour around the internet for relevant AND interesting stories by real reporters. i don’t post conspiracy theories and i make a point of staying away from articles that use terms like anonymous sources reportedly, sources allege, sources close to ________suggest etc. Why? For a very simple reason; people make stuff up and don’t want a name or confirmation attached to it.

A real reporter actually investigates a story. They talk to witnesses. They research documents. They try to get evidence. They don’t throw something out there and hope it sticks. A real reporter has boots on the ground so to speak.If they can’t confirm a story they give it a pass. They may have a bias-everyone does-but they have one agenda. Get to the facts. They owe that to the American ppl and their integrity as a reporter depends on it.

Don Lemon can say anything he likes(freedom of speech,press) but let’s not mistakenly believe this guy is a reporter and he gets paid an enormous salary to give people the news. He has no self awareness that he’s just feeding people propaganda. There are blogs on the internet like the Conservative TreeHouse that get by with donations and do more honest reporting than Lemon. There are start ups like the Epoch Times and Just the News that put the New York Times to shame.

I like Dan Bongino’s 48 hr rule. He will never go with a story that’s questionable until he gives it 48 hours. You know why he does that? He’d rather be right than first.

You would think after 3 yrs of the Russia conspiracy story from Hillary Clinton’s fake dossier people like Don Lemon would learn. It has to boil down to 1 thing. They don’t care. Now why would anyone put their trust in a news network with that kind of attitude about journalism? It has to boil down to 1 thing. They don’t care either.

I would say there’s no hope for journalism in the United States if not for people like Sharyl Attkisson who care about the profession. Look what happened to her for doing honest and real reporting. Her computers were hacked. She was spied on by our federal government. Lemon doesn’t have to worry about that. He’s willing to put out propaganda. He can count on his gullible viewers.

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