Pound Sand Biden/Pelosi. You’re the stupid dull bastards


i was not at the Jan 6 Rally in DC. Not even close.

I did not know a single soul at the event save President Trump.I don’t even know Donald Trump on a personal level. He’s still my President though. I watched the rally and March to the Capitol Building on my desktop through RSBN.tv as i did all the Trump rallies they carried.

There was no insurrection at the Capitol Building that day.Maybe there should have been. They were unarmed. One person was shot & killed. It was one of the protestors. I would have suggested they target the cable news networks if any place at all;not the Capitol.

Let me clue you in. I advocate for non violence. i do not have a criminal record. I support the 2nd amendment and the right to use arms in self defense.

I don’t do drugs,drink and never take the Lord’s name in vain. I respect our police and admire our military.Am pro life and Catholic. I believe in helping our neighbors, especially the elderly.

We MAGA patriots love our country. We support our President-and that’s Trump. We’re law abiding citizens. We think highly of our Constitution & we’re grateful we live in this God blessed Republic.

Now that i’ve gotten that out of the way i have a few things to make clear to Biden and Pelosi. I will start off by saying the 2 of you can pound sand. You’re both rotten to the core although i have to qualify that by saying Pelosi is a hair better than Biden. Harris vanished as soon as she was named the immigration/border czar by Biden so at this point she’s irrelevant. You’re lucky to spot her anywhere(for now)let alone the border.

Personally, i don’t think Pence should have betrayed us on Jan 6th. In fact, the Republicans should have been raising a stink right along. A BIG one, but we’re talking about the Republicans here aren’t we? They’ll acquiesce to almost anything the Dems throw out there. Not us; the ones in D.C.

[When i refer to Republicans i mean the ones in Congress, unless i say otherwise].

You see i know you’re targeting people like me. Millions of us. Since you supposedly won 81 million votes why should we matter? You want no opposition. It’s ironic-the left accused Pres Trump of being a dictator, a tyrant, an authoritarian, a monster, a Hitler and evidently we were his brown shirts. Us-people who love America & many who fought to protect her. All of those people who work hard to take care of their families and contribute to their communities. Those smelly people- unlike you Joe who sold out our country several times over for money, prestige and power. You want Pres Trump gone. You want us gone. You won’t even tell us who killed an unarmed vet Alisha Babbitt on Jan 6,but you want all kind of information about us.

The National Guard and Army wouldn’t clap for you so you called them stupid bastards and dull. I hope to God if you haven’t ruined our military yet that they stand up for our Constitution and pull off a coup until we can have free and fair elections. I also think to myself if eventually we get fed up enough with you and your ilk that we actually do have an insurrection.

After everything our own government did to Pres. Trump,much of it illegal and unconstitutional, it begs the question. What wouldn’t you people do to get power? Besides if you really had it in the bag why attack us or worry about Trump running in 2024? With 81 million you’re in solid Joe. My lying eyes deceive me Joe. I saw what happened on Nov 3,2020. There’s no way on earth you won,let alone with 81 million people. We’re not allowed to say that. We’ve not allowed to audit any votes. We’re not even allowed to question the election. Know what happens if you do? You get banned and censored. Some supporters have been totally destroyed or you get them out of the way, with YOUR criminal activity buried, by making sure they go to prison.

Doesn’t sound to me like someone who won an election. Sounds like someone who fears they’ll get exposed. I hope our military can see what’s going on here.

The Democrats had to come up with a law that makes sure you can cheat again. They wanted the 2020 path to cheating set in stone.They passed HR1. HR1 actually spells out the fraud they pulled in 2020. If you want to know what the Dems did in 2020 for Biden just look to HR1. They definitely want to try it again. Funny how the Republicans now realize if it passes they will never win another election. Exactly what they did to Trump.Where were they then?

If you have to cheat,then you’re not sure you can win. This from a guy who hid out in his basement for the whole campaign and didn’t dare take questions from his adoring corrupt media.

What i want to say to you and your pal Pelosi is this: pound sand. This is not how you treat American citizens. Pres Trump made us his first priority. You can’t even respect the people who defend our citizens. You’re the dull stupid bastard. Our military deserves our respect and gratitude.

I also want to tell you Jan 6 was not an insurrection. You have to look to Antifa/BLM and traitors in our own politicized agencies to find that.What do you think resist was?

We’re law abiding citizens and we want to do things the right way. In the end though we may have to resort to an insurrection and if we do, trust me, it won’t look anything like Jan. 6.We’re not there yet. Hopefully we don’t have to go there. We’ll do our darndest to make sure you’re gone after your first 4 yr fake term and it isn’t stolen again. The peaceful transfer of power has always been the American way. Unfortunately you Marxists are trying to hijack everything good about our country.We’ll see; 2022 isn’t that far away and 2024 only 2 yrs after that.

You can sick your dogs on me if you like but they’d be barking up the wrong tree. I have a clean slate & my thoughts & opinions-whether you like them or not-are not a crime. Neither was voting for Trump. i intend to vote for him again but we have to make sure the election is free,fair and legal this time. He did great things for the country. History will judge him a lot kinder. In a matter of months you have almost collapsed our economy & trashed our country.

If i tell you to pound sand Joe it’s with disgust, contempt & righteous indignation(have someone explain that to you). What’s going on with the new ‘911 Commission is wrong. You’re trying to designate your political opponents as terrorists. That makes you a despot and that makes our great country a third world totalitarian state. Takes some nerve.

  1. Trump is the President. You lost. Freedom of Speech.
  2. A peaceful protest is not an insurrection. Freedom to peacefully assemble
  3. An insurrection is the attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected Pres. by illegitimate means.That’s you and your pals Biden. It’s what you did to Trump.
  4. Pound sand!